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    Cartridge of the Week: The .22 Newton

    Do a literature search for "philip b.sharpe complete guide to handloading" -- I cut my teeth on handloading during the '50s and this was the handloading bible for me. Chock full of information and cartridge history. Newton designed cartridges that would ideally have been best served by...
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    New Federal pistol round, 30 Super Carry

    This round should work very well for its intended purpose. The 100 grain expanding bullet is a good balance between weight (recoil) and effectiveness against 150 lb class game. Time will tell us if the large bores prejudice can be overcome.
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    Does the Cartridge Still Matter?

    The point is "will the 45 increase the chances of fast incapacitation enough to offset ability to hit?" For some of us, yes. We put the time and effort to become proficient with the 45. For most of us, we are hard pressed to shoot more than a few hundred rounds each year. That is not enough...
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    Does the Cartridge Still Matter?

    I see a lot of interesting and well-informed comments along with a few that show that a few posters don't get the nuances of defensive shooting or shooting for hunting. Modern bullet design has merely shifted the optimal bullet weight range down a bit. The "best" bullet weight continues to be...
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    9mm vs .45 ACP [Debate Finally Settled]

    As a lifelong 45 fan (fanatic?) I reluctantly report these conclusions: Prior to about 1980 the ammunition available for both calibers was either round nose FMJ or unreliable expanding bullets (Jarret's SuperVel notwithstanding). In that world, the 45 was clearly superior on a round for round...
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    20 Slang Terms From World War I

    Also the sound an aircraft makes when it hits the ground. Hence the term "crumped" to denote a lost aircraft.
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    I thought you folks might like this.

    Good information but a very long read The best way to approach this after the first quick skim is to read the major sections carefully and then step back for a few hours or a day or so and then read the next one. That way the reader can more readily absorb the excellent information here One...
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    Training with a 22, not your carry gun

    Some might argue that one of the more capable .22 rimfire cartridges could be your carry gun. Might have to work the double - triple tap more aggressively.
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    Conversation around the game table.

    Well said!!!
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    No politics involved

    Universal military service can be accomplished without resorting to the draft (which is a lottery). Combat postings can continue to be voluntary absent a major conflict. That voluntary aspect is critical when casualties start coming in. There are two major stumbling points, however: First...
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    WWII - Bomb's Didn’t Beat Japan … Stalin Did

    Let's see, Soviets and the Japanese had a non-aggression treaty in place from 1941 to 1945, the first atomic bomb was used on Aug 6, the second was on the 9th. The Japanese surrender was announced on August 15. The Soviets started occupying the Kuril islands on the 18th of August, 1945 --...
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    New York reload

    Good thinking!
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    SD truth and fiction

    The top post has it right! The issue is that expanding bullets expand completely in the first 2 or 3 inches. After that their shape is typically very blunt and stays that way until stopping or exiting. Lest we forget, Sectional Density remains a critical parameter for how much velocity the...