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  1. jonnyman

    Win a Hellcat Pistol!

    Of course I'd love to win a Hellcat! Been saving up to buy one and only 50 bucks short. Unfortunately they are as rare as frog hair! After discovering the XD format in 2008 I've bought 3, XD 45 XD mod.2 Compact .45 and XDE 9mm for the wife. The wife gladly gave up her Smith and Wesson model 66...
  2. jonnyman

    Under the pillow or in the nightstand?

    Living 60 miles north of the southern border my wife and I keep our EDCs within arms reach attached to the bed frame with magnets. But this is only part of a layered defense. We have dogs and fencing also. Recently attached a laser to my Saint AR15 .300 black out pistol and keep it between the...
  3. jonnyman

    Forum Rules

    I'm a XD enthusiast! I live in a constitutional carry state. I pack a .45 mod.2 Compact, my wife packs a XDE in 9mm. Recently bought a .300 Saint AR15 pistol. I really like shooting the saint especially with 220 grain sub sonic loads. We live in an area where we can have our own shooting range...
  4. jonnyman

    Forum Rules