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  1. Sigma4506

    The elephant in the room

    We made the one concession that if the politics was 2a related we would allow it , So were here to Protect your Rights to sell Firearm's and you want to shut down our 1stA rights ? Talking about Harm or hurting someone would be a Big NO NO in my book that crap should be deleted , They took...
  2. Sigma4506

    First Look: Federal Premium Adds Four New Handgun Loads

    Yes=I am impressed with this ammo -just bought for my girls ez-380 -hope file isn't to big -if so guess they will delete it
  3. Sigma4506

    Biden gun control

  4. Sigma4506

    Review: Hornady Rapid Safe NightGuard

    Just researched that safe , Really cool , seen it 229.00 @ Midway -Amazon - Guys review says he has 3 and All of them programed to the same set of chips; my wrist band, key fob, stickers on my phone - WOW thanks Annihilator you just cost me 229.00 lol
  5. Sigma4506

    Again With the Front Sight!

    I had the same problem and decided to try these and they Worked for me =inexpensive -i bought the .50 and .75 and 1.00 , the .50 worked great for me and i can see the Front sight like i was 30 yrs old again lol -check them out they might work for you - Remember what works for some Don't for...
  6. Sigma4506

    Wow, ok

    I went to read it and it said something along the lines of ERROR when loading the page -That said = They should tell you what or why they deleted your Post
  7. Sigma4506

    Firearms Policy Coalition on Incoming Biden Administration

    Watching the news last few days -These socialist gun grabbers better be careful what they wish for !, Don't spit in the air because always comes back in your face
  8. Sigma4506

    Recoil Reduction System

    Love my DPM recoil ,I use it in my Glock 19&23 - I use 147 grain 9mm ammo and noticed a lot less recoil on fast shooting and noticeable less on normal / also in my p229 SIG - looking at the 4 inch Kimber DPM that I think I can use in my 1911 Springfield 9mm 4inch / people at the range that use...
  9. Sigma4506

    Ammo should be easier to buy around black friday...

    Thats why we need =MAKE IN AMERICA -not Made in China
  10. Sigma4506

    Joe Biden Recommends Committing Armed Felony with Your Gun

    Joe Biden can use the N word and the left would dismiss it
  11. Sigma4506

    Supply not Meeting Demand

  12. Sigma4506

    5 CCW Tips for Older Armed Citizens

    @ 66yrs old and in pretty good shape too ,I run ,work out and go to the range at least 2 to 3 times a month minimum and take skill builders class once a year & read read read Gun laws & how too and Make Love to girl - What a Life - thank you GOD
  13. Sigma4506

    Is My Firearms Trainer Wrong?

    Point right on - well said
  14. Sigma4506

    Is My Firearms Trainer Wrong?

    Your 100% right -never to old to learn - 66 yrs old and I still go once a year to a Skill builder class with a teacher who’s a no Bulls—t guy - They call him Hardass - I call him the 1 of the Best teachers I ever trained with - So moral of my story is Teacher can make or break you - rather have...
  15. Sigma4506

    One Song to Rule them All

    My man from Texas Monte Montgomery and i am sure all Texans know him -
  16. Sigma4506

    Don’t Do These Things with Your 1911!

    I recently bought my 1st 1911 2019 and learned real fast about the differences - was asking guys at range for recommendations On 1911 spring and that’s when all the good bad and ugly came -about slide lock , extra cleaning - ammo and cautions - Being and old guy You’ll always always learn - if...
  17. Sigma4506

    Followed me home today.........

    Not really a revolver kinda guy -But Dam that thing got my attention -Pretty Cool -Good luck
  18. Sigma4506

    DLC Coating

    Interesting ,last week my friend sent me a link to this https://www.armorlubecoating.com -Never heard of it, hes getting a price on what he wants done , Looks like some cool stuff , Now i going to research some ,
  19. Sigma4506

    Do we have any "smart" homes out there?

    Yes sir , we have a Ring doorbell ,Ring flood cam also we have ring neighborhood app to which all who dont have it -Get it -Free -it will give you all the car robberies ,home invasions, Ups -fedex- package thief's in your 5 mile radius -Crime has tripled =do your self a favor and get the app...
  20. Sigma4506

    Liberal Payback....

    Good Thing -The more people we have on the Right is the more people we have to Fight =Funny how it takes a Scary situation for people to wake up -