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  1. TheHumbleMarksman

    New match video with XDM Elite OSP

    shot another match - duffed the classifier and shot an 83% with 2 makeups on steel.
  2. TheHumbleMarksman

    XDM Elite OSP at a USPSA match shooting Carry Optics

    Managed to shoot a master classifier - I'm not fully settled in on the gun and need to develop confidence in my abilities on partials at medium to long distances so I left a bunch of time on the table. That cost me a bunch of time (probably 1-2 seconds per stage) - same thing on shooting on the...
  3. TheHumbleMarksman

    XDM Elite OSP OWB hoslter - competition style

    Who is making holsters for the XDM E OSP? I saw that the XDM holster from TRex Arms should work - but most of the XDM holsters I am finding cannot accomodate the suppressor height sights. What are you guys using?