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    Perfect Carry Gun: XD-S Mod.2?

    Got a deal on one from academy with extra mags for 380 this last Christmas. Only thing I was it had was different size grips for it. Other wise a real accurate and efficient gun. Cleaned and well lubed. No jams.
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    Sale on ammo & firearms

    most times now its cabelas or bass pro since bass pro bought out cabelas. depending what you might have near you.
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    Bringing Shot Show Home Giveaway!

    Any one of these guns would be an honor to win.
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    New Springfield "Bringing SHOT Show Home" gun giveaway

    Winning is winning. Any one of those guns, it would be an honor to have.
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    Pistol Magazine Loaders

    I just discovered the uplula and think it works wonders. that was after trying to be old school and a good size blister on my thumb lol.
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    Peak Performance: The New XD-M Elite

    Would love one of these. Just the basic. maybe even in a .45 if one is ever produced.
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    Car Break Ins

    This is similar to some parts of my area. Which is why I wouldn't leave it in the car. Plus my job does not allow it on the premises. The break ins have become rampant because people are moving to the better areas from the bigger cities, so crime is traveling with it. yet laws sometimes seem...
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    Car Break Ins

    I along with a few others were victims of car break ins in a parking lot. As malicious as they were to shatter a window and only look in the glove box and center console, yet not take anything. Sunglasses, wallets, and other things of some value were not taken. This means they were looking for...
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    Extended cap magazines — Do you?

    I agree with this. you might think its state in general. but sometimes counties have their own hidden laws. especially after so many happenings where extended round mags were involved.
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    Did you purchase a firearm last year?

    Only one for me for 2019 was actually a Springfield XDS mod.2 desert fde with black for $380 with range promotion. the extended grip made it feel right in my hand for a compact concealed since I have a wide palm.
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    New gun release tomorrow from Springfield Armory!

    I could only wish also. Would like a 45 as my next pistol.
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    Hellcat Giveaway Winners!

    congrats to the winners.
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    Be a “Good Witness” or possibly save a life?

    To me. this explains everything. you have to know every nook and cranny of the law in your state. if you don't. there could be unwanted repercussions for not knowing your laws and what covers you. Assuming you are in the right is not knowing you are in the right.
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    Basic Two-Handed Shooting Stances

    I have to agree also. Basic stances are not going to help in a life or death situation. Basic stances are for target shooting at an indoor range where they frown upon practicing life saving techniques.
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    Win a Hellcat Pistol!

    I am looking for some shiny new pennies heads up on the ground to get this lucky. lol