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    Shape shift shell modification?

    Anyone know if it’s possible to modify an XDM shape shift shell to fit the xdm elite models? Can you make a groove for the ambi slide release and cut the top enough for a red dot? For the subcompact guns. Thanks.
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    Wasp on the XDM Elite 3.8 10mm?

    I should probably know this but will the wasp mount directly to the slide or do I need a plate? It came with the Dragonfly but I moved that over to a different gun. Want something a little more compact for carry so looking at other options. Also what other red dots would you guys recommend for...
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    Handguard for Saint Pistol

    Anyone know of a good Handguard for a saint victor 5.56 with 7.5” barrel that has an inside diameter large enough to fit a dead air sandman? Or should I just go shorter to expose the threads? Really wish the Saint stock was large enough. Not sure why they made it so small.
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    Wasp or Romeo Zero?

    Recently bought the new xdm elite 10mm 3.8 and moved the dragonfly over to a different gun. For a better ccw optic would you guys go wasp or zero? Wasp is $269 at optics planet but on back order. Can stop by the local store today and get a zero. In no hurry but is the wasp worth the extra $70?
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    Any way to mount Hex Dragonfly to pic rail?

    Recently bought the XDM ELITE 10mm compact with dragonfly. Was thinking about switching optic to the wasp. But then would like to mount the dragonfly to my S&W Victory 22. It has a pic rail and do any of you know if there is an adapter for this? Thank you.