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    Ukraine… Will Russia Invade ?

    Its a relatively low-risk operation to Putin. America has completely collapsed and has no credibility as a global hegemon. Biden is weak. NATO is politically divided with France and Germany essentially begging for Russian oil. The Ukranians themselves do not possess the military or economic...
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    Do sales influence your buying habits?

    Yes and no. No in the sense that I don't typically buy a gun BECAUSE its on sale. I buy a gun because there is something about the gun I like, and have done some level of research that leads me to want that particular make and model weapon. So probably like a lot of people, I have a rough...
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    Winter Time Reading

    Some of my favorites over the last year: - The Confessions - St. Augustine - The Count of Montecristo - Alexandre Dumas - Economics In One Lesson - Henry Hazlett - A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens - Ethics - Dietrich Bonhoeffer - The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel - C.F.W. Walther
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    Coolest gun moment in a movie

    The shoot out scene after the roberry-gone-bad in Heat.
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    What do you like to listen to in the vehicle

    I enjoy listening to a variety of podcasts. Usually the topics range between news and opinion, and the theological.
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    Traditional Firepower in the Modern Age: The M1A Lineup

    We used M14's for Drill and Ceremony when I was in the military. So I had always been partial to the platform for sentimental purposes. Bought the Scout Squad about three years ago and absolutely fell in love with it. Having leaned how to shoot on the M-4 platform, I was surprised to learn...
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    Traditional Firepower in the Modern Age: The M1A Lineup

    Have had the Scout Squad for about three years now. I absolutely love this rifle. It has become my favorite shooter.
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    Blades for Self-Defense: Fearsome or Foolhardy?

    If your life is on the line, take any advantage you can get. That being said, its always better to have and not need, than need and not have.
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    Should You Shoot? Self-Defense Tips You Don’t Know

    Andrew Branca's book The Law of Self Defense does a really nice job of breaking down this down very nicely. In it he explains the five elements of self-defense required to make a successful legal claim of self-defense in a court of law: Innocence, Imminence, Proportionality, Avoidance, and...
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    Remington moving global headquarters to Georgia.

    Not too far from Fort Benning. Not a bad location.
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    My message to Alex Baldwin.

    To your point, Hollywood has been working with firearms for over a century with very few mishaps that are related to firearms. This wasn't a failure in Hollywood's accepted methods for control and use of firearms on the set. This was a failure in the production's leadership to observe and obey...
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    Woman points a loaded gun at a 7-year old trick-or-treater

    Seems excessive. Unless someone was trying to steal my Milky Ways. Then all options are on the table.
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    The Best SMG of WWII Was Italian? The Model 38A

    When I was in Iraq we captured a Russian PPSh-41. Had a chance to fire it at a little range we had set up. Fun weapon.
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    Should You Buy A Springfield Armory SA-35 Hi-Power Pistol?

    Very nice pistol. Springfield is really doing some nice things these days. They have a good mix of classic and modern pistols and rifles.
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    Scout Scopes for the M1A Scout Squad Rifle

    I would add the UTG 2-7X44mm Scout Scope to this list. Solid scope for a reasonable price. Biggest complaint is that its probably relatively heavy (due to the increased size of the objective lens - but this also gives you an advantage for collecting more light) compared to the Burris or...
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    The Irony

    Having stayed abreast of the situation with Alec Baldwin and the shooting that occurred on the movie set for "Rust" I am absolutely astounded by the level of disregard for basic gun safety at every level. There was obviously no control over the weapons as they were apparently frequently left...
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    First Look: Springfield Armory SA-35 9mm

    Beautiful looking pistol.
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    Which CCW Insurance Program?

    Thank you for clarifying. I greatly appreciate it.
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    Which CCW Insurance Program?

    Which provider did you paste this from?
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    Sad to hear

    Be Thou At Peace...