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  1. Wannabewoodsman

    H. R 1808

    If you're interested, a way to contact your reps. This is through the NSSF https://cqrcengage.com/nssf/app/onestep-write-a-letter?0&engagementId=514483
  2. Wannabewoodsman

    New ink

    Got some memorial ink to honor my boy, Odin. The paw is the same size as his and the nail imprints are the same. It was copied from a paw impression after he passed away. In the toes it reads "O-D-I-N"
  3. Wannabewoodsman

    Interesting points

    I've been listening to Paul a lot lately and he brings up some interesting points.
  4. Wannabewoodsman

    Most versatile gun..

    In my opinion, for the woodsman, bushcrafter, bushranger, prepper etc, is the single shot, break-action 12 gauge shotgun. Slugs, the various types of shot, flares, rocks (in times of desperation) smokeless powder or black powder, and with inserts, smaller gauge shells, pistol and rimfire...
  5. Wannabewoodsman

    Bipartisan gun control

    If you're 21 and under you're still a second class citizen when it comes to your rights. Also, I don't like the Communist News Network but here it is https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/12/politics/senate-gun-safety-agreement/index.html
  6. Wannabewoodsman

    Gas prices...

    Wow! These prices are RIDICULOUS. The cheapest for a higher ethanol blend of fuel (88) is $4.39! What are the prices on your area
  7. Wannabewoodsman

    DOJ is coming after FFLs

    FFL loss is up 500%. If you don't think this is gun control or unjust redo some thinking. I'll allow Mr. Herrera to explain in detail
  8. Wannabewoodsman

    Russian war is "stupid"

    According to Russian soldiers in this article https://news.yahoo.com/commander-leaving-us-putin-troops-142125501.html
  9. Wannabewoodsman

    I want to cry...

    Just finished my first week at LBC and he has AR parts just rusting and collecting dust... I asked Les if he'd sell and he said no! It's really good stuff too!
  10. Wannabewoodsman

    Preferred weapons lights?

    For those whose carry guns have weapons lights, what light and holsters do you use? In my case, I'm looking for things that fit a G19 gen 5
  11. Wannabewoodsman

    Oil care

    I'm a big fan of self reliance and I don't like using a lot of harmful chemicals. A lot (not all) of leather care products usually have some kind of petroleum in them so I went looking for an animal based formula and I found one. Would anyone be interested? I'm not selling the stuff because 2 of...
  12. Wannabewoodsman

    I want to build a musket

    I want to build my own smoothbore musket and am curious about barrel material. What would be safe to use as a barrel as far as steel type? Mild (commonly called welding) steel? stainless? Hardenable only? I've read iron was used at one point but I'm not sure what kind they were meaning. Advice...
  13. Wannabewoodsman

    Make your own percussion caps?

    Does or has anyone made their own percussion caps with this kit (below) or a similar method? Is it more cost effective and worth one's time over buying and shipping the caps? On a similar note, what about making your black powder for for muzzleloaders from pyrotechnics kits...
  14. Wannabewoodsman

    I want a musket

    My favorite era in all of history is colonial America and in particular the mid 18th century to the 1830s. Rifles are more American than apple pie and while a musket isn't a rifle it's still part of the history. I am currently building a Kentucky/Pennsylvania long rifle from a Traditions but...
  15. Wannabewoodsman

    Buffalo Bill pictures

    Guna from the Buffalo Bill museum and some beautiful guns on my wish list
  16. Wannabewoodsman

    Just curious

    Does anyone buy investment stocks such as Ruger? I've got a bit of Ruger and a bit of Smith and Wesson and was just curious if anyone else here does invest in other companies within our interests
  17. Wannabewoodsman

    Tobacco and Guns

    I love this guy
  18. Wannabewoodsman

    I just heard from Les Baer

    In the thread linked below I talked about applying to Les Baer Custom.. well, I never heard back from him... Until about 30 minutes ago.. He said he wants me to come in and show me what they do for a few hours. He actually remembered our encounter from December.. some lost 33 year old moron...
  19. Wannabewoodsman

    Need some scope suggestions

    As well as rings or rail mount etc. So as I've said in a different post, my new .350 legend bolt action (Savage Axis II) is gonna be a dedicated kitchen filler (hopefully!) And I've never used scopes and don't know much about them so I need some suggestions as to a quality-ish scope (around...
  20. Wannabewoodsman

    New deer rifle

    I just bought my FIRST rifle dedicated to putting food in the table. Savage Axis II in .350 legend. I was gonna pick between this and a 450 bushmaster and the 350 won out in large part to ammo costs. Never learned how to shoot a bolt action so now I'm gonna learn. Gun should be here in a few...