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    Forums are the past and the future of the Internet.

    Hey all, it's been a minute or ten since I've been here. So busy building up my business and going to law school full time. There just isn't enough time in the day. Anyways, as part of my business, I set up a forum. I'm not trying to compete with or take away from other forums, just add more...
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    Packed for the range

    I'm packed are ready for a #MemorialDayWeekend range run. How about you?
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    I found myself in hot water again today

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    Mantis laser Academy

    I've got several of the Mantis products and I love them all, great training tools. This review is from Gadi who is one of my reviewers. https://www.full30.com/v/prime-score-BlQO6
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    I finally nearly got my dream truck, H2 isn't a H1, but close enough.

    After many years and several failed attempts, I finally got my dream truck. Some people want a corvette, I drove one for a year and I really feel those are overpriced and I wasn't impressed. Perhaps because I'm a truck guy. Buying a Hummer is harder than you might think. They cost a crazy...
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    Today I got a thing

    Make sure you subscribe to my channel for updates on this. I'll be building the carriage over the next few months. https://www.full30.com/v/hard-trip-JS2q0
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    Video channel on Full30.com

    OK people, I'm sure many of you are tired of youtube and their policy on firearms channels. They deleted my channel some two years ago claiming spam, scam, and deceptive practices. Which was odd because I didn't sell anything, and all my videos were product reviews. That was a loss of about...
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    My Interview on In Hot Water.

    This is the interview I did a few weeks back on In Hot Water. Make note of my shirt and hat.
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    We can't remain silent on suppressors.

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    I'm going to be In Hot Water tomorrow morning

    That's right, I'm in hot water tomorrow. OK, perhaps not IN hot water, by ON in hot water. The show starts at 9am Eastern time, and I will be on about 9:30.
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    Just a little fun at the range.

    Ya, the barrel got a little hot. Click the image for the video.
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    Who's got wood?

    Anyone here make your own stocks? I started this a couple of months ago and finally nearing the end. Started out as a stock blank. Had to shape it, mill out the fire control well, inlay the trigger guard, and bed the barrel. First coat of oil has been applied. Over the next few days I will...
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    1911 80% build.

    I got started on my final project for the advanced armoring course at SDI.EDU. Over the next three weeks I'll be going through the steps. I made sure every part was here. Stealth Arms makes a very good kit. Pricey, but the quality is really up there. First step after doing inventory was...
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    Gunsmithing area

    What are your thoughts on having a gunsmithing area to deal with troubleshooting, fixing, upgrading, etc all of Springfields' firearms? I've helped to build a lot of forums over the years, and one area I always push for and find it draws in a lot of people are how-to and DIY areas. I would...
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    A few pictures

    Yesterday I went out for a photoshoot for an article I wrote for The armory life about these AracniGrips. Kind of cool, they definitely give you a very firm grip on the slide. One thing I didn't include in the article was a tiny detail. My arm rubs on the grip tape when I'm walking. Tried...
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    CoronaCast podcast.

    Our governor, the crypt keeper is shutting down Wisconsin to all but essential businesses. I hereby proclaim, our podcast is essential to keeping people sane during these hard times of being locked up. Don't miss our KoronaCast podcast tonight at 6pm central time. You can subscribe with the...
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    Poppin off a few with the cannon

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    Have you seen all these new preppers?

    OMG, suddenly being a prepper is cool and no longer looked at as being a paranoid rightwing nut job. I've seen stories about high priced bug out pages complete with embroidered names. I've also seen a lot of these new late to the game preppers buying things they don't need, and worse yet...
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    CoronApocalypse podcast