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  1. papadan

    Your most unusual use of any kind of firearm.

    We all do things, sometimes were proud of and sometimes not. Tell us your most unusual gun usage. If you didn't get caught...we wont tell. I grew up in Louisville, KY. in the city. Every fall I found I could make Christmas money by selling mistletoe. Being in the city the only way to harvest it...
  2. papadan

    What future for humanity?

    People, this world is doomed and I'm lucky to be a sick old man and not have much more to live through. I spent last week in the hospital because of kidney function problems. Thursday afternoon a young lady came to my room to perform an ultrasound on my Kidneys and bladder. This lady was...
  3. papadan

    Need help again on an M1

    Never heard of these and when I saw the picture I thought it was some ones homemade contraption. Auction tonight for an Enforcer M1 pistol. Rough value please bidding is already at $185.
  4. papadan

    Astra 6.35

    Can anyone give me an idea of the value of an Astra 25acp? Has 1 mag and an OWB holster, in very good condition.
  5. papadan

    How to eliminate recoil by 99%....Or...

    Or...What not to use for concealed carry! 28 round drum mag for 1911 45acp. No brand name, just made in Korea. I'll update when I get to try it out. :cool: :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
  6. papadan


    Do compensators actually work and would it help with my 1911?