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  1. Funwithfuel

    Fuel, the next shortage

    It seems that among all other things that are becoming impossible to find, it looks like the south eastern seaboard is gonna get hit with diesel shortages. Fleets and suppliers are warning their drivers that next week there may be no fuel. Evidently, diesel is being exported to Europe to wean...
  2. Funwithfuel

    This is bad, FRTs to be confiscated

    This guy is not your typical conspiracy theorist. The AFT is coming after the dealer network, with no probable cause, in violation of the constitution. This does look like the beginning of something bigger, to me. What say you all?
  3. Funwithfuel

    AR mags on sale

    Just got a bunch. Brownells has aluminum GI mags on sale for 8.99 ea. I already had some from pre-covid times. For this price, I had to get some more. Plus there's discount codes online depending on how much ya spend. I don't work for them and get no benefit, just passing on a good deal to...
  4. Funwithfuel

    The elephant in the room

    How can we have discussions regarding our future. Everything somehow finds its way back to politics. The only exception, is if we're discussing solely the mechanics of firearms or preference of one over another. I'm not asking for a free for all, but can we exercise some kind of interaction...
  5. Funwithfuel

    A little too coincidental to be believed

    https://abc7chicago.com/chicago-shooting-lake-shore-drive-sen-dick-durbin-illinois/11070484/ I can't bring myself to believe anything that comes from this man's mouth. Not only are we polar opposites politically but he and his cohort always seem to have this knack for ,"I was there, it's...
  6. Funwithfuel

    Sig requests support regarding braces

    http://app.e.sigsauer.com/e/es?s=2133745391&e=337975&elqTrackId=efd74c1a1b7a40299e524d6e5aa03bea&elq=0bacb1b9aef2492d873d6a9eb4159ae6&elqaid=656&elqat=1 Apologies if already posted, quick search didn't show it.
  7. Funwithfuel

    Strange behavior

    I'm watching the news this morning. Some nut with a cache of weapons and a bunch of ammo ratted out by a hotel housekeeper. That was in Colorado. https://abc7chicago.com/denver-shooting-plot-mlb-all-star-week-weekend-4-arrested-rifles-in-hotel-game-mass/10879077/ That, following last weeks...
  8. Funwithfuel

    Happy Birthday America

    I just wanted to take a moment to wish my country a Happy birthday! She's a sexy ol b!tch with a black eye, but i love her. To all of my new cohorts here, a happy and safe independence day to all of you. I hope that each of you ends tomorrow with everything you started with. 😉
  9. Funwithfuel

    Commifornia's next level misguided gun law

    https://www.thedailybeast.com/san-jose-will-force-gun-owners-to-cover-costs-of-gun-violence-after-mass-shooting?source=articles&via=rss I don't know how legitimate of a news source this is. It does seem plausible considering where it's occurring. Near me, in Crook county, they have a "per...
  10. Funwithfuel


    Latest casualty of censorship.
  11. Funwithfuel

    Merry Christmas

    The closer we get, the busier I am. So, i want to take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas.
  12. Funwithfuel

    Branding, trademarks and logos

    I know everything has to be "new" to be current. Does that mean we gotta throw the old by the wayside? I don't have anything against the crossed cannons. I think it's pretty sharp. I haven't forgotten the old marine shooter silhouette either. Is there a reason the old logo was discontinued...
  13. Funwithfuel


    I don't know where else would be more appropriate. I was looking at armslist in my area. There's someone selling a saint edge pistol, asking 2500.00 . I get the whole supply and demand idea. I do. But, why are we gonna profiteer and gouge one another. I see the same thing happening with ammo...
  14. Funwithfuel

    Great cleaning supplies from a company I didn't know

    So my daughter ordered me a new (to me) product for cleaning my toys. I have been using Hoppes no9 forever. It's from a company called shooter lube. I watched some youtube vids and read some of their reviews. Sounded like snake oil and unicorn tears. Well, let me tell ya, I'm sold on this stuff...