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  1. papadan

    Stupid question

    My Lab beats you by a long way! The other guys forgot what the start shot was for! :cool:
  2. papadan

    Stupid question

    Well.....Where is the stupid question.....we're waiting dammit! ;) :cool::D
  3. papadan

    Fire Dept Gun Raffle sparks debate

    Good Luck on the Drawing @ HansGruber
  4. papadan

    Fire Dept Gun Raffle sparks debate

    There are a lot of small town volunteer fire depts still today. Keystone19250, there is one in Bagdad Ky. they are covered by the Shelbyville fire dept. But it takes too long for them to respond most of the time. Bagdad VFD uses fund raisers Every year to repair or upgrade thier equipment. The...
  5. papadan

    I finally nearly got my dream truck, H2 isn't a H1, but close enough.

    Think of it, with the size of that Hummer, the new EV model only needs a Solar Panel incorperated into the roof and you would NEVER have to stop for fuel or charging :cool: ;)
  6. papadan

    New Guy Here-Greetings from Florida Panhandle

    Very Welcome to have you Hayes. Ky boy that got misplaced here. Dad flew F4s out of Pcola, we lived near the back gate, Pleasant Grove. That was in the 50s-60s. He was hit by a SAM in Dec. 61, wreckage not found till 65, 240 clics north of Saigon. We were not engaged in Nam yet so his records...
  7. papadan

    Your most unusual use of any kind of firearm.

    Years Ago.....2003! Would loved to have been with you, but 2003? Was that really YEARS ago? Just don't know what to make of todays children. :cool: ;) Note to wmg1299, been there done......just took the wallet out of my pocket. :D:D:D:D
  8. papadan

    Your most unusual use of any kind of firearm.

    Your not that young Keystone19250, bound to have done something on a hunting trip or somewhere.
  9. papadan

    Your most unusual use of any kind of firearm.

    Wife person just reminded me. In 1982 we had a mouse issue in our house. Caught a bunch of them with traps. ONE mouse had a hole in a baseboard in our living room. I surrounded that hole with very touch y traps and waited. Watched him come and go 4 times jumping over the traps. I finally got my...
  10. papadan

    How old and which one.....

    Thanks guys! The pall beare....uh Jury is still out this time.
  11. papadan

    Your most unusual use of any kind of firearm.

    We all do things, sometimes were proud of and sometimes not. Tell us your most unusual gun usage. If you didn't get caught...we wont tell. I grew up in Louisville, KY. in the city. Every fall I found I could make Christmas money by selling mistletoe. Being in the city the only way to harvest it...
  12. papadan

    How old and which one.....

    Little late to this party, I'm back in the hospital with Kidney failure. I grew up with BB guns and on my 18th birthday, I went to JC Penny's and bought myself a browning BL 22. Still have it and my old BB guns.
  13. papadan

    What is your favorite gun?

    #1 is my Browning BL22 #2 is my Ruger SR22
  14. papadan

    Preview: Federal Premium Punch .22 Long Rifle

    @ $10.00 for a box of 50 they seam to be a little bit proud of this new load.
  15. papadan

    Should You Reload Your Own Ammo?

    Never thought that much about custom loading, but now that I do think about it.... I use store bought ammo in my 30-30 and have always put 5 shots in a 3" circle @ 100 yards. Never missed a deer I aimed at. That said, I love shooting muzzle loaders. I am very particular about my loads. I buy a...
  16. papadan

    Is using WD-40 to Clean Your Gun a Good Ideal?

    On the bright side.... Get a couple cans and spray the eaves of your home and garage in early spring. WD40 will prevent wasp from nesting anywhere that was sprayed. Otherwise you'll be out with a 22 trying to shoot the nest down. DAMHIKT ;)
  17. papadan

    New Acquisition

    Still on the mend, but heading in the right direction this time. Good thing about all this is I have lost 100 pounds. Just need to build up some strength so I can walk on my own. Thanks for caring. Dan
  18. papadan

    New Acquisition

    If Biden ever gets around to keeping his word and sending the rest of the stimulus money, I am planning on using it to buy my first AR. I'll have it engraved "little Joe"
  19. papadan

    Do you wear scruff marks as a badge of honor on your AR or cover them up?

    I try not to let my guns get banged up, but when it happens I mostly let it go. If a barrel or frame has a deep scrape that exposes bare metal I will reblue the area to prevent rust. Otherwise.....I have notches cut into the for grip of my Marlin 30-30, left side are Does and right is Bucks that...
  20. papadan

    Youtube Torture Tests

    I was happy to see some A-holes torture tests on the Hi-Point C9. I have one my Son bought for me, it shoots straight and anything I shove in it as ammo types. This YT guy flat out hates Hi-points but doesn't say why, he did everything he could to damage them and prove they are junk. The C9s...