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  1. wmg1299

    SA 1911 Opinions: Garrison vs. Loaded

    I don’t have much experience with 1911s, but I’ve been thinking about getting a mid-level 1911. I bought a stainless Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec last year from the IOP program and have been very impressed with it. My other 1911 is a Remington R1 Enhanced Commander that I purchased a few years back...
  2. wmg1299

    Would you buy a Canik?

    The only Canik products I own are two CZ75 clones (full-size & compact) that were imported by TriStar. The fit and finish on these guns was much higher than I expected for the price, and they have both been 100% reliable. They both also use CZ or MecGar magazines, which are cheap and easy to...
  3. wmg1299

    new Rock Island 22

    I have an earlier version of the XTM-22. It saw a lot more action when .22 WMR ammo was $7.99 a box, but it's still one of my favorite range toys. I've been shooting it since 2019 and have yet to have a malfunction. I think the open-slide design makes the XT Series some of the most reliable...
  4. wmg1299

    Did I Overstep on this One?

    I feel confident that her dad is taking care of the jack situation. From what I overheard on the phone, I think he was kicking himself for not checking for it when he bought the car. I would not be surprised if dad has already purchased one. I appreciate all of the of the positive responses.
  5. wmg1299

    Cleaning Traditional Wood & Steel Rifles

    I found their advice interesting as well. While it is necessary to remove the stock for a full cleaning, I haven't found a definite answer on how often the rifle needs to be fully cleaned. I downloaded the User Manual for the Pre-2004 Mini Thirty from Ruger's website. I was expecting a...
  6. wmg1299

    Did I Overstep on this One?

    I normally only post gun-related content, but something that happened today has been on my mind. My oldest son recently got his learner’s permit, but his girlfriend is a year older and already has her license. When they went to do their walkthrough at the high school today, they realized that...
  7. wmg1299

    Cleaning Traditional Wood & Steel Rifles

    Since I first began shooting, it has been drilled into my head that guns should be cleaned after every range session. I recently traded for a Ruger Mini Thirty made in 1995. I took it out for a 75-round range session using Igmon brass-cased ammo and Monarch steel-cased ammo. When breaking down...
  8. wmg1299

    In service from 1959 to present day.

    The M14 has been on my bucket list for quite a while. My Mini-14 Ranch Rifle has been one of my favorite rifles for years, so I'm already familiar with the operating system. I need to upgrade to the original whenever I get the cash.
  9. wmg1299


    I've always had great experiences with Kygunco. The biggest perk for me is that sales tax is only charged to residents of certain states, based on each state's tax laws. This really adds up when buying a $500+ gun. They also charge a flat rate of $11.99 for almost all ammo purchases. Nothing...
  10. wmg1299

    Folding Sub

    I'm glad to see someone taking SRO Units seriously. The majority of the departments in this country assign SRO's based on seniority, with no physical fitness requirements. This leads to SRO Units full of burned-out, overweight officers who took the assignment to get weekends off and stay off...
  11. wmg1299

    death of a lifelong friend

    I am sorry to hear about your friend. Your friends' family will be in my prayers. People who have never had to live with chronic pain do not know how difficult the struggle can be. Hang in there.
  12. wmg1299

    Does target color matter?

    The only time target color affects me is when I'm trying to hit a black bullseye with blacked-out sights. I purposely avoid guns with plain black front sights. On the few guns I own with black front sights, I paint the front sight orange to offer some contrast. I like blacked-out rear sights...
  13. wmg1299

    Took my new Hellcat Pro to the range

    The Hellcat Pro sounds like a great gun. The grip is the only thing that prevented me from loving the Hellcat. For me, the thickness of a grip is less important that the length from front to back. The XDS grip fits my hand perfectly. I currently carry an S&W Shield Plus because it offers a...
  14. wmg1299

    Ruger Mini Thirty Question

    I recently started downsizing my collection to free up space in the safe. While I don't own anything I would consider to be a "bad" gun, I have accumulated a few too many polymer handguns that I neither carry nor frequently take to the range. I have decided to trade some of my bargain guns for...
  15. wmg1299

    Julie Golob puts the .30 Super Carry to the Test.

    I'm in the same boat. I usually try to support innovation, but I cannot afford to add another caliber to my collection. When it comes to handgun rounds, I don't see a huge need for "In Between" calibers. I may reconsider if .30 Super Carry ammo becomes more affordable than 9mm.
  16. wmg1299

    Opinions on ATF Resignation Letter

    Career ATF Agent Brandon Garcia has had enough of the politicization of his agency, and submitted a scathing resignation letter (see link below). The old LEO side of me is proud of Agent Garcia for telling the brass where they can shove it. Unfortunately, the more political side of me worries...
  17. wmg1299


    All confiscation is a violation of basic human rights, but even in Canadian dollars the prices aren't bad. At $1,337 ($1029.49 USD) per AR, I'd be tempted to sell them a few of my $400 PSA builds. Looks like CZ Scorpion owners are getting shafted; or shafted worse than all of the other...
  18. wmg1299

    Tiny Guns for Concealed carry.

    As long as someone practices and trains with the gun, then I don't see any reason why "tiny" guns should be avoided. I carried a Ruger LCP II as a backup/pocket gun for years. The only reason I no longer carry it is that I upgraded to an LCP Max when it was released. I normally carry a larger...
  19. wmg1299

    Best Lever Gun(s) – Lever Into Rifles, Handguns, and Shotguns

    I have become quite fond of leverguns over the years. This is one of only a handful of articles I have seen that mentions the Mossberg 464. The first levergun I ever bought was a 464. I purchased it because I like Mossberg shotguns, and I had heard a lot of negative talk regarding Marlin...
  20. wmg1299

    Rock Island Armory A1

    I don't have a .22 LR, but I have an XT22 in .22 Magnum. I believe the XT22 was released in .22 LR for several years. The takedown is definitely different than a traditional 1911, but it isn't too bad once you do it a few times. The XT models are best described as a mix of 75% 1911 and 25%...