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    I just read this morning that the individual that is responsible for saving lives in the recent mall shooting had 8 out of 10 hits. Now that a little more information is available its nice to know . When I had first read he fired 10 shots I had some concern about where all the shots went. Now I...
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    Hi Power or High Caliber

    I have yet to read exactly what kind of rifle was used in the Chicago shooting. Has anyone read something I missed? Mention of guns but still havent seen any specifics.
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    Numbers, statistics, lies and damn lies.

    It never ceases to amaze me that pretty much every single article I read or have read seems to pull the numbers they use to forward their opinion right out of their ...... alternate universe. And the number of polls to support their opinion are a joke too. So I' m curious if anyone on this site...
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    Deafening Silence

    As to the terrible tragedy in Texas I have been unable this morning to find any comment from Gubernatorial candidate beto.
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    Allen West to Oust Lapierre?

    I just read where Allen West will try to oust LaPierre which in my view is decades over due. Was curious how others feel and ideas how we can support Allen West which is really supporting the NRA.
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    The All New 30 Super Carry

    Curious to know what others think about this new round. It says it fills the void between the .380 and 9mm. I wasnt aware of the void but Federal Ammo thinks there is room for this round. One of the selling points is you can get up to two or three cartridges more in some guns. But I have already...