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    How Much Of A Roll Does Avoiding Trouble Play In Your Overall Strategy?

    I use ATM's, but only the ones inside Kwik Trip Stores (a local convenience/gas chain in WI). I have to admit, I use those ATM's mostly because they are no-fee...although a secondary reason is they are usually full of people, and have lots of cameras. Also, I'm not normally out after 7pm...
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    Manual Safety or Not: Too Dangerous To Carry?

    I carry a standard P365 every day, round chambered. No safety of any kind. I have no opinions to counter anything I've read though...sure is entertaining reading!
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    Shipping and Receiving Gun Parts and Accessories

    Received 500 rounds of .308 today shipped Fedex Ground....required a signature (wife was home fortunately). First ammo delivery requiring a signature in quite a while...Will be shipping to my branch office going forward.
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    Now that's a long shot!

    Thanks Tex, I did not see that in the link!
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    Now that's a long shot!

    Interesting that the only reference to the rifle's caliber is mentioning as an aside that the bullet was 422 grains. Looking at the mag it has to be 50BMG, but that's not mentioned anywhere in the video or story. Wouldn't that detail be the ONE thing most folks would want to know? Rifling...
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    A hard day for me.

    Sorry Recusant, I lost one of my boys last week...this pain we feel is the true price of a dog's love we enjoy while they are with us.
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    First Look: Springfield 1911 DS Prodigy 9mm

    Interesting note: My closest LGS has had a 4.25" Prodigy since the launch left in their stock as of 11am today, priced at $1499...still there today with no buyers yet. If anyone is itching, send me a PM. Thought they would have been gone by now.
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    thoughts on this..???

    I agree with killer. Indicted is WAY different than convicted.
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    Alternative to brass casings

    I can't take credit for this second hijacking. I just bought 500 rounds of .308 for $380 includes shipping, online. Best I see locally is $22/box of 20, and that's on sale occasionally during specials, cheap range ammo. Normal .308 price here $25-35/box of 20. Not even close.
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    Hickok45 shoots the SA Prodigy

    That Hickok45 video is not a review video, and it is not intended for anyone but his big fans. He posts an hour long "discussion" every Sunday morning that is wide-ranging and rambling in nature. He happens to shoot 2 guns each Sunday and chats a little about them. His actual reviews are...
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    Alternative to brass casings

    I apologize to the OP for steering this thread off of the original premise. After doing some more research on the subject, I learned one thing...the primary problem with firing .40 in a 10mm chamber is wear and tear on your firearm. The .40 is held against the breech by the extractor when...
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    Alternative to brass casings

    The "gun shop guys" include 2 professional gunsmiths. When I reference gun shop guys, I mean guys who are smith professionals, gun shop salesmen, and generally guys who have more experience than I, including my local Smith and Wesson regional sales rep and several shop owners with whom this...
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    Civilian Disarmament Chronicles: The State of Biden’s War on Guns After 18 Months

    Keystone, you are absolutely correct, and I am wholeheartedly disappointed that 2A rights now may be decided by folks who rarely vote, but are brought out to vote for this one political issue (r v w). One has nothing to do with the other, but it is clear that the 2A will deteriorate rapidly...
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    Civilian Disarmament Chronicles: The State of Biden’s War on Guns After 18 Months

    While I've been holding back on this thread since it has drifted off and on from direct 2A comments, I have been extraordinarily frustrated seeing our 2A rights being directly tied to and reliant upon a completely unrelated political issue. Right now one side is quickly and successfully ramping...
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    Alternative to brass casings

    While I have not personally taken the measurements, everyone I have read or spoken with, including reps at gun stores, tell me the 10mm Auto and .40 S&W are exactly the same in bullet dimensions and casing diameters...it is only a shorter brass case...and most 10mm can fire .40 if the gun can...
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    Springfield Prodigy 5" with Vortex Viper Red Dot installed

    Thats a fantastic perspective Simon...I hadn't thought of that with the dot on my pistol, after getting irked about the battery change.
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    "The Armory Life" Fall 2022 Issue

    I got mine a few weeks ago...it's in line for reading in the one place I get to read, which will go unmentioned. Finishing a Jack Reacher book, then the Armory Life with Colion is next. I like the cover.
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    Alternative to brass casings

    Ballsy? Everyone I talk with (gun shop guys) tell me to try out .40 in my 10mm and that it should run fine. The alum-cases didn't have a hiccup. Oddly, I could feel no noticeable recoil difference between these Blazer .40S&W 180 grain with either the S&B or Magtech 180 grain 10mm I usually...
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    Alternative to brass casings

    I applaud the development of new things...but I too prefer brass for future (soon) reloading. I recently bought a box of .40 in aluminum cases (I didn't read the box), they all cycled through my 10mm Ronin just fine...I expect these polymers will perform okay.
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    Civilian Disarmament Chronicles: The State of Biden’s War on Guns After 18 Months

    And we still have gun enthusiasts voting for these guys.