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  1. cico7

    I found Small Rifle Primers today

    I got 1000 small rifle primers at Cabela's at Polaris today for $89. They still had the magnum small rifle primers, and quite a few of these regular small rifle primers, maybe next will see pistol primers! They had quite a few left.
  2. cico7

    New goodies today

    2 new items today! Springfield Saint BMA. 20 rounds on the money
  3. cico7

    Do you have a defense budget?

    Do you have a budget for home defense? Smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide detectors? Fire extinguishers? Are these home defense items?
  4. cico7

    Who will win the Super Bowl?

  5. cico7

    ZRO Delta 556

    anyone familiar with ZRO Delta 556 with Wilde barrel?
  6. cico7

    I pledge allegiance to the flag......

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
  7. cico7

    Are bayonets gear or lounge material?

    I bought an M6 bayonet Needs some attention. I bought this M6 bayonet. Do y
  8. cico7

    Shooting Tips

    I did not see a similar thread so I decided to post a few tips for anyone interested in improving their shooting. 1) Take lessons from NRA program, LGS, range programs. 2) Get a shooting buddy- someone to encourage you and challenge you 3) Watch Paul Harrel videos and similar vids that can help...
  9. cico7

    Estate Sale

    I have a bunch of ammo from an estate I am trying to value. Once I figure out what is is worth I will try to sell. The material belongs to a friend of mine so I am trying to help him out. There are several items I am asking help. Cast 9mm bullets- roughly 100 rounds. Any idea how to value it...
  10. cico7

    Shirt I want........

  11. cico7

    Everything You Need to Know About Subcompact Pistols

  12. cico7

    Blame the AR's

  13. cico7

    45 ACP Brass

    I am looking for some 45 ACP brass. Suggested websites? or PM?
  14. cico7

    What is “Great Bodily Injury”

    https://ccwsafe.com/blog/35189 After an armed citizen intervened to stop a violent kidnapping in Redding, California, the kidnapper, Carl Dudley Hulsey was apprehended and later pled guilty to a number of charges, including “corporal injury and assault with force likely to cause great...
  15. cico7

    NRA Instructors Discounts

    I found a link to Spring Armory with discounts for NRA instructors, has anyone bought a firearm through this program?
  16. cico7

    Electronic Large Rifle Primers

    I saw electronic primers today. Never seem them before but heard of military applications. Anyone use these?
  17. cico7

    M*CARBO Coupon

    FLASH 15 Sale Officially Starts Now! Get 15% OFF when you use this code at checkout: FLASH 15 SALE ENDS TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT(EST) Use your code to get 15% OFF Brand New In Box Grand Power Stribog Carbines!
  18. cico7

    Rubber Bullets

    Do you or have you used rubber projectiles? I have used some in a 12 gauge pump. No problem. Quiet "ish" no recoil. Friend of mine was wanting to use in a home defense 45ACP but they wont cycle. Wont cycle in HiPoint .45 carbine Wont cycle my Rock Island either. Any one else?
  19. cico7

    Gun Sales Remain Strong

    I had read gun sales were dropping off, maybe not as much as I thought. https://www.shootingillustrated.com/content/gun-sales-remain-strong/
  20. cico7

    Night Sights

    I am looking for night sights for my Rock Island 1911 45. Rock series. Any know of one available?