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  1. SinisterKid76

    TAL's Latest Issue No. 6

    Just received my issue in the mail today and noticed something on it that was not on the first five. A $8.99 price tag. Wonder if we will start seeing these on the magazine racks? Interesting... 🤔
  2. SinisterKid76

    What's Next?

    SA has been absolutely killing it with all their new releases as of late. Curious to know what all you think is next on the horizon from them and/or what are you hoping to see in the near future from them? I'm hoping for a Saint EDGE in .308 and a new Saint in .22LR.
  3. SinisterKid76

    Spit Shined SA-35

    After another range day cleaning session I grabbed an old can of high gloss lacquer and gave the grips a "spit shine". I think it added a nice touch to it. Absolutely loving this pistol. :D
  4. SinisterKid76

    Springfield Sucker Punch

    Anyone familiar with the 2011 movie directed by Zack Snyder, Sucker Punch? Beautiful women and firearms, can't go wrong. Check it out if you haven't already. It's a wild ride. Meet in order of barrel length... Babydoll - 3" 9mm Hellcat Rocket - 3.3" .45 ACP XDs Blondie - 3.8" 9mm XDm Elite...
  5. SinisterKid76

    SA-35 Review

    Did any of you catch Garand Thumb's SA-35 review on YouTube today? He talked about it having extractor issues after 800 rounds so SA sent him another one and it had issues as well. He talked about them both being triple digit serial numbers and one of his followers has a triple digit serial...
  6. SinisterKid76

    18 Year Olds Conceal and Carry

    What are your thoughts on 18 year olds being able to conceal and carry? After July 1st in Kansas, 18 year olds can apply for permits to conceal and carry. My daughter will turn 18 later this year and she is mature enough to carry and has plenty of experience with firearms and I'm going to have...