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  1. SinisterKid76

    Range Day - Rifle

    That's great. I love experiencing the joy of a first time shooter, no matter what platform it is. The smile on their faces always put a smile on mine and that memory sticks with them and you talk about it for years to come.
  2. SinisterKid76

    Do You Know How To Keep Your Defensive Firearm Ready at Home?

    My XDs is never much more than arm's length away at all times when I'm home. The rest are strategically locked up in other areas of the house. My thinking is, if it isn't enough, it will be enough to get me to another area of the house where hopefully that one will be.
  3. SinisterKid76

    TAL's Latest Issue No. 6

    That makes total "cents"... 😂
  4. SinisterKid76

    TAL's Latest Issue No. 6

    With my 2 year subscription to Recoil, they are about $7.50 an issue and they are packed with all sorts of information. $8.99 wouldn't be a deal breaker for me but considering the amount of content and the fact you can preview it all here or the website, they could lower that price point a...
  5. SinisterKid76

    TAL's Latest Issue No. 6

    I got lucky. Right after I purchased my Hellcat and registered it on SA.com, they offered the first 4 issues and I have been getting them ever since. I have purchased a few since the Hellcat and each time I register the new one, I make sure to hit the send me TAL magazine button.
  6. SinisterKid76

    TAL's Latest Issue No. 6

    It is a little steep for a 96 page rag that is mostly full of advertisements. Hopefully my so far "free" subscription won't run out for a while because I do enjoy them. LoL
  7. SinisterKid76

    TAL's Latest Issue No. 6

    Just received my issue in the mail today and noticed something on it that was not on the first five. A $8.99 price tag. Wonder if we will start seeing these on the magazine racks? Interesting... 🤔
  8. SinisterKid76

    Server down

    Just got this on my phone so I pulled it up on the PC and it's all good. My first thought was, here we go, they are taking names and notes but then I remembered, they already have all the info they need. :sneaky:
  9. SinisterKid76

    PDW FTE Anyone else??

    This may sound funny, but check to see if the buffer is installed correctly. I once installed my buffer in mine backwards after a cleaning and the next time out it wouldn't extract. I disassembled it and found that I had dropped the buffer in backwards, turned it around and it ran like a top...
  10. SinisterKid76

    Spec-Ops Holographic Sight Zeroing

    Been following Shawn for a while now. He's a badass and overall good guy. His podcasts are amazing and he also helped train Keanu Reeves for the John Wick films.
  11. SinisterKid76

    Potent Potables (aka What’s your poison?)

    A few years back a buddy of mine turned me on to this stuff. When the workplace starts wearing on me and my give a sh*t meter starts running low, this usually helps me hit the reset button. LoL
  12. SinisterKid76

    New Emissary

    After further inspection, it appears the mag release on the right hand side of the pistol, protrudes into the magwell just a bit and I can see that mine has been worn down. Only one of my magazines shows a fine wear mark on the right hand side of it. It appears QA may have missed this and...
  13. SinisterKid76

    New Emissary

    We just had another gentleman speaking of this exact thing the other night. The first couple of range sessions with my 5" .45, it had a "catch" about 2/3 of the way. I used the mag release to assist it a couple times, then gave it a bump a couple more times and after about the third time out it...
  14. SinisterKid76

    What Springfield weapons do you own?

    Hellcat 9mm XDs .45 XDm Elite 9mm XDm .45 SA-35 9mm 1911 Emissary .45 Saint Edge PDW 5.56 Love each and everyone of them.
  15. SinisterKid76

    Springfield armory garrison model 1911 9mm

    The first couple of times out with my Emissary, it felt like it had a "catch" in it and I would either use the mag release to help or give it a solid bump to get it to seat but after a few range days, it's nice and smooth now. Hoping for the same with yours.
  16. SinisterKid76

    Springfield RMA Warranty Repair Times?

    When I sent my SA-35 in, I stayed in touch with the customer rep and he kept me updated through the entire process. I had it back in a couple of weeks. Good luck!
  17. SinisterKid76

    First Look: The Springfield Armory Emissary 4.25" 9mm

    I couldn't agree more! It is always a great day at the range with mine.
  18. SinisterKid76

    What's Next?

    I think the PCC is a market they need to explore.
  19. SinisterKid76

    What's Next?

    SA has been absolutely killing it with all their new releases as of late. Curious to know what all you think is next on the horizon from them and/or what are you hoping to see in the near future from them? I'm hoping for a Saint EDGE in .308 and a new Saint in .22LR.
  20. SinisterKid76

    Just bought an Springfield Saint-AR15

    What ended up being the fix, if any?