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  1. PepperGuy

    Remember Today is D-DAY 76 years ago

    Never forget these Heroes!!
  2. PepperGuy

    Saint Pistol Complete Upper

    Does anyone on the forum know if it is possible to purchase a complete upper from Springfield Armory. I would really like a .300 Blackout upper tp go with my Saint Pistol in 5.56. Purchasing a complete .300 Blackout pistol would be a waste of money considering how much I would be likely to shoot it.
  3. PepperGuy

    Hog Hunting

    I plan on being in San Antonio in October for a wedding. I've been thinking it would be great to book a Hog Hunt for that time period. I figure I could kill to birds with one stone. I've been looking online and have found numerous ranches that offer hunts. Just curious if any forum members have...
  4. PepperGuy

    Suppressor Recommendation

    Recently I've began to have some interest in purchasing a suppressor for a .22 pistol. The beginning of the week I had a G44 follow me home. After my 1st range visit I was hooked. Now the question becomes which is the best suppressor for a .22 pistol. I don't want to break the bank but I want a...
  5. PepperGuy

    Suppressor Question

    Today I purchased one of the new G44's and I'm really thinking of take the plunge and starting the process of adding a suppressor. This is something I have no experience with. I'm somewhat familiar with the process of purchasing, however I have no idea on how to choose the proper suppressor. Any...
  6. PepperGuy


    I learned about this program about six months ago when I was on Springfield Armory website looking at options on the Saint Victor. If your active or retired law enforcement or military you can save money. I purchased my Saint Victor using this program and am now going to order the Hellcat OSP...
  7. PepperGuy

    What Optics Are You using With Your Saint Rifles And Pistols.

    On my Saint pistol I'm using a red dot from AT3. It is a great sight with a sturdy mount, clear glass and very easy to zero. My Saint Victor has a Freedom RDS. Very well made, life time warranty. I would recommend both.