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  1. ResistanceIsFutile

    First Look! New Springfield Ronin

    Very cool! Definitely want one!
  2. ResistanceIsFutile

    Gun Magazines

    Ballistic is cool! Also like NRA, Skill Set & Survival.
  3. ResistanceIsFutile

    Hellcat Giveaway Winners!

    Congrats to the winners!
  4. ResistanceIsFutile


    Thanks for the link. Worth checking out.
  5. ResistanceIsFutile

    Win a Hellcat Pistol!

    I would be honored and blessed to win one of these!!!!!!
  6. ResistanceIsFutile

    Is the .40 Dead?

    agree. I have an XD-M in .40 and enough rounds that it will never be dead to me.