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  1. MsMelissa

    How much ammo do you keep on hand?

    How much ammo do you normally keep on hand? I know a lot of folks are getting burned with the 2020 ammo shortage. What is a good recommendation for rounds on hand? Obviously, one person’s stockpile could be just someone else’s afternoon at the range. Curious as to everyone’s views.
  2. MsMelissa

    Would you accept this?

    My Springfield Saint Victor 5.56 came in and the stock is scratched up on the tube and the finish looks down to the metal. I’m a Rural King now. Would you take this?
  3. MsMelissa

    Best Ammo Deals

    Where are the best ammo deals? Best price? In stock? Honest and decent deals that will actually get delivered? If you have a recommendation, post it here. 👍
  4. MsMelissa

    No Black Friday Deals for 2020

    Is anyone else bummed that there will apparently be NO BLACK FRIDAY Gun deals for 2020? With all of the back orders for guns and ammo, there’s no need for sales. I did great last year and was really looking forward to deals to stock up on this year, but apparently no dice.
  5. MsMelissa

    Waiting on my Saint Victor 5.56

    Finally ordered a Saint Victor 5.56. Can’t wait until it gets here. Feel free to post pics of your tricked out Saint Victor whole I suffer and wait forever for delivery.
  6. MsMelissa

    Bait and Switch

    I’m getting a little frustrated with the current marketplace for ammo and guns. Without identifying individual companies or sites, I’ve been burned twice lately by putting an item in “the cart” and no indication that it’s out or on back order, then “paying” and finding out it’s on backorder. I...
  7. MsMelissa

    Where’s the Ammo!!!!!

    I’m seriously getting annoyed with the lack of availability in Ammo. I love to shoot on the weekends and I’m cutting back more and more because I can’t replace Ammo and when I can it’s ridiculously overpriced!! Last year there were tons of Black Friday Federal Black Pack deals and this year...
  8. MsMelissa

    Can guns be sexy?

    Can guns be sexy? I say yes! I think the Springfield Armory Saint Victor is dead sexy! I also think the Springfield Armory 1911 Loaded is dead sexy. What’s your sexy gun of choice?
  9. MsMelissa

    Saint BCM vs Saint B5

    On the Springfield Saint line, which furniture would you prefer as standard? B5 or BCM?
  10. MsMelissa

    Show off your Every Day Carry!

  11. MsMelissa

    Best Gun Related Books

    Just finished this book and it is awesome! Great information on the role of firearms in US History. Does anyone else have any other great gun history books or military books that they would recommend?
  12. MsMelissa

    Entry level over/under shotgun recommendations?

    I’m interested in getting into skeet shooting. I’m looking for an entry level over/under shotgun that won’t break the bank. I saw a Yildiz SPZ ME on sale. Saw some good reviews.
  13. MsMelissa

    How often to the range and how many rounds?

    I’m just curious how often the folks here go to the range and when you go, how many rounds do you go through?
  14. MsMelissa

    Gun Mistakes in Movies & TV

    It always blows my mind when I watch stupid or unrealistic gun use in movies. I watched a Kevin Bacon movie called Death Sentence last weekend. It’s kind of a rip off on the old Death Wish movies. Anyway, so Bacon goes to buy guns so he can take revenge for his family. He has no idea how to...
  15. MsMelissa

    Show off your 1911

    Springfield Loaded 1911 with factory night sights.
  16. MsMelissa

    Head Shot at 50 feet in 6 seconds

    I don’t know how many of you have seen the video from the Texas Church shooting on 12/29/2019, but it is an incredible example how quickly things can happen and how one person with a CCW can change a lot of people’s lives. Could you respond in less than 6 seconds and make that head shot at 50...