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    There is no Common Sense Gun Control

    Only common sense gun confiscation. Common sense gun control is every American in control of at least one gun.
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    Model 2020

    Springfield Armory appears to have gone highest quality with its big hunting rifle. .75 MOA guarantee is impressive. The .308 Win is a proven North American big game cartidge The weight and barrel length are perfect. A five shot mag is perfect, but with the rifle's accuracy, 5 rounds in a...
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    Deteriorating Quality

    Sadly, I've recently read too many posts on hunting boards about frustration caused by poorly manufactured rifles marketed by American rifle manufacturers that were once preeminent brands in big game rifles. I sure much of the frustration was caused by shooters who have gone with inexpensive...
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    Springfield Armory EMP 3 9MM: Magnum Opus of Self-Defense Handguns

    The EMP 3 9MM is the most reliable and accurate of any concealed carry handgun I've carried, and that especially includes revolvers. An extremely impressive and tactically advantageous fact of the EMP 3 9MM is managed recoil, even when firing 147 grain Fed HST LE standard pressure ammo. That's...
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    Instance Justifying Carrying a Handgun

    Massachusetts cops are hunting an extremely dangerous coyote. So far, it has bitten two people. If the first victim had a handgun, there wouldn't have been a second victim. Surviving a coyote attack requires painful medical rabies vaccination. Wise outdoorsmen know to never allow a wild...
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    Requiem for an American Icon

    I do not like to disparage gun manufacturers. Maybe as long as two decades ago or more, I became aware of serious quality control problems plaguing an icon of American handgun manufacturers. Around the same time, the manufacturer was close to moribund. But for its military contracts and BK...
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    Grizzly Bear Attack

    Griz was shot and killed after inflicting serious injuries to two hunters.
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    Cautiously Optimistic

    Legal challenge to CA's ridiculous handgun roster.
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    Practice Distance

    My friend is a member of an indoor range. I've shot with him at his range. I noticed that all shooters were shooting at targets at distances of 25' and beyond. I advised my friend to move his target to 10'. Within a few rounds he had point shooting wired. After we left, I explained tactics to...
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    Apple Enters the Gun Market

    Introducing the revolutionary iGun:
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    Bobcat v Rattler: Epic UFC Battle

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    Almost as Encouraging

    When Californians are buying guns, it's gotta indicate something ;-) https://freebeacon.com/2020-election/more-californians-own-guns-than-ever-before/
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    https://freebeacon.com/courts/barrett-says-original-meaning-will-dictate-approach-to-2nd-amendment-cases/ And President Trump supports national carry which is implied within Amendment II...
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    My Favorite Handgun

    I'd carry my Springfield Armory TRP .45 Auto everywhere if it were practical. It is too heavy for urban carry, When I do urban carry, it's my Springfield Armory EMP 3 9MM. When I'm roaming Rocky Mountain wilderness areas where really mean critters call home, the only handgun I carry is my TRP...
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    National Carry

    I predict an easy reelection for President Trump. If we can gain control of the House and Senate, my advice would be Americans' demand for a national concealed carry law the would preempt all state and local CCW laws. That means that people from all other states could bring their concealed...
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    Handgun Most Recommended?

    I've just replied to an email inquiry for a self-defense handgun. I recommended the Springfield Armory TRP .45 Auto...for the umpteenth time. I'll always add that survivors should buy the best quality handgun affordable. When queried, what self-defense handgun do you recommend.
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    I Bought It!

    After discounts and accumulated bonus bucks, it cost me less than 60 bucks, out-of-pocket. It's for my Springfield Armory TRP .45 Auto. https://www.galcogunleather.com/great-alaskan-shoulder-system_8_2_1353.html I bought it here: www.optiicsplanet.com
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    Cartridge Speculation

    The 10MM is a powerful cartridge. If it's power as interpreted by perusing ballistics tables that attract hand gunners to certain cartridges over others, what would become of the 10MM if the .45 Super were factory produced? Would 10MM aficionados convert to .45 Super loyalists? I try to...
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    Handguns You Were Saddened to See Discontinued

    Keeping in mind that I'm every bit a 1911-A1 .45 Auto aficionado as was Colonel Jeff Cooper, I was sad that Sig dropped the P239. While I prefer single-action semis, the P239 was an exceptional handgun.
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    What Happened to the .357 Sig

    Is it true that only Glock is chambering a few guns for the .357 Sig? Is it true that Sig Sauer no longer chambers any handguns for the .357 Sig?