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    New SIG

    Been hearing about the Sig Sauer 365 Macro for sometime now. Finally got to handle one and somehow, the required paperwork mysteriously found it's way into my hands. This is only my 2nd ever Sig offering first one being a 226 Legion. Never shot a gun with a straight trigger on it. Anyone here...
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    Hope All Are OK

    Just watched the weather footage from Texas. Apparently a tornado just swept across and some areas got severe damage. I hope and PRAY all my fellow friends here from the GREAT LONE STAR STATE and their families and friends are all OK. Let us know here if all is well....
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    Merry Christmas to all my fellow 2nd Amendment gun-toting friends here who celebrate the Julian Calendar or as my Grandmother used to call it Little Christmas...
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    Took The Legion For A Run

    Pushing 50 degrees outside here in NE PA. Took the 226 Legion out. 25 yards but 1 flyer high to my left. I shoot striker fired handguns mostly and this shot was the first long double action pull. Better than being at work...
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    Idaho Murder Suspect Caught

    Breaking news in my area. Police apprehended a suspect in the recent murder case of 4 college students in Idaho. Suspect was caught in the Poconos which is roughly a 20 minute drive from where I live and work...
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    I Must Be Nuts, At Least The Wife Thinks So

    12 degrees outside with slight flurries so to relieve holiday stress I go to the outdoor range for some practice. 25 yards now time to drink some coffee and get warm while I clean my duty gun. Best part, I was the only one at the range...Shot my Saint patrol rifle at 50 yards as well...
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    Things You Were Told As A Kid You Thought Were Dumb But Make Sense Now

    One of my favorites was when I got a new pair of sneakers and I'd just slip them off and on without untying them. Told you'll break the backs and now as an adult I see how much longer sneakers last by tying and untying them...
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    Any Ideas ?

    These 4 rounds came out of a brand new box of 20. The ammo is Winchester Ranger Patrol Rifle 223 Remington 64 grain Power point. Halfway down the neck you can see what appears to be a crease ? All the other ammo from that box appears to be okay and I have used|fired this ammo without any issues...
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    LOK Grips for SA-35

    Just received a set of SA-35 Palm Swell Black checkered Grips from LOK Grips. Love the look and feel a lot better than the ones that came on it. I have average sized hands and I seem to get a better grip on the weapon than when I was using the factory ones. Although I didn't have a chance to...
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Belated Birthday BASSBOB and many many more.
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    Replacement Grips

    Since purchasing the Smith and Wesson 637 Airweight 38 special, I have been looking around at getting another set of grips. I checked out Hogue, Altamont and Eagle grips. I am looking at wooden ones I know it's a matter of preferance but was wondering anyone's thoughts on the aforementioned...
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    Return to the Hospital ICU

    Well it was getting better but the Wife developed sepsis and had to go back to the hospital ICU yet again...The hits just keep coming my way lately... I just keep telling myself that there's always someone who has it worse. Man wish I could trade places with her makes me feel powerless because I...
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    38 Special

    Looking for some feedback here. I have two wheel guns a Colt King Cobra and a Colt Python both new production models and love both of them. I am looking at acquiring a 38 special snub. Looking for guidance on what maker to go with Smith ? Colt ? and I've been hearing good things about the Taurus...
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    Not Enough Wrists

    Other than guns does anyone like me have a watch habit ?
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    Two-Tone Tuesday

    Show off your two tones. Springfield Hellcat and Glock 48
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    The Hits Just Keep On Coming

    Just had to summon the Ambulance. Wife going back to the hospital. I thought she was doing better after her surgery, apparently not. Latest test results weren't the best the surgeon\specialist wanted her back in and like me being stubborn she didn't wanna go but I just made the executive...
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    Shadow Systems

    My LGS sold that new Sig 226 Xten release that I was curious about but the dealer told me he just started carrying Shadow Systems brand pistols. From what I've see online they look like Glock knock offs. Does anyone here have any experience with Shadow Systems whatsoever ? Any feedback would be...
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    This is New

    My LGS just got this in. Sig Sauer 226X5 Metal frame 9mm SAO. Unfortunately they are closed. May call tomorrow and see if it's still available. Thoughts on this anyone ?
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    Getting packed up to get my Wife down to the hospital for major surgery today for the dreaded Crohn's disease. The specialist already told us due to her condition it's going be invasive and risky. Not looking for anything but if you fellow gun toters could perhaps say a prayer for us it would be...
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    Anyone else excited to see the latest installment in the Halloween horror movie Michael Myers franchise ? It's coming out in theaters October 14th and I just found out today that's it's going to be streaming on Peacock as well so I do not have to leave home to watch it or go to the theater and...