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    Colt Mustang

    My Captain has one. Brings it to the range every year after we qualify and he just blows off a few rounds. I have shot it and I offer to buy it from him every year. He won't part with it and in all the time he has had it, he never had an issue with it. Just my two cents...
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    Thanks for the information. I just placed an order and got me 10 more of them. Not that I really needed any more but that's a great price and they did work out to 7.99 apiece...
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    New SIG

    Been hearing about the Sig Sauer 365 Macro for sometime now. Finally got to handle one and somehow, the required paperwork mysteriously found it's way into my hands. This is only my 2nd ever Sig offering first one being a 226 Legion. Never shot a gun with a straight trigger on it. Anyone here...
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    Unbelievable: Someone leaves carry guns on store counter.

    Interesting story about leaving a gun behind. Local Mom and Pop restaurant close by me, great food , great prices and great owners. Popular with the Police as well. One day my Wife and I are there. Owner comes over and tells me he found a gun in the ladies room stall. Ok I retrieve it, call the...
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    I found the one I want

    I'd carry that it an ankle holster...
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    Range Report: Shooting With Daughter, 1/26/23

    Family time is precious especially at the range better than work or being stuck home. Enjoy...
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    (Update) On The Shooting Of Teacher By 6 Year Old

    While I was in the Police Academy I worked as a security guard at a very nice university, mainly to help me pay for the academy. We would catch students doing very illegal things and call the local PD to make the collar. Me and another guard who also made a career in Law Enforcement were always...
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    Hope All Are OK

    In and around Houston they said and then it supposedly went towards Louisiana
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    Hope All Are OK

    Just watched the weather footage from Texas. Apparently a tornado just swept across and some areas got severe damage. I hope and PRAY all my fellow friends here from the GREAT LONE STAR STATE and their families and friends are all OK. Let us know here if all is well....
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    Made a trade yesterday...

    I have a Dan Wesson Specialist and I LOVE it. But given the trade deal that was done, I'd have done that deal too. Good Luck with her...
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    Gas Pedal

    If you are asking about an extended slide stop lever, Vickers Tactical makes ones for Glocks not sure if they make ones for Springfield products. Oh, Greetings from Pennsylvania
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    Wood grip feedback

    These are the goncalo alves grips that finally arrived from being backordered from Hogue. They are replacements for the Hogue rubber that my Colt King Cobra came with...Sorry about the upside down picture. Technology and I have a strange relationship....
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    New Remington SS 1911 coming to my LGS..>!!!!!

    Congratulations and good luck with the "new toy".
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    How do I edit??

    Greetings from Pennsylvania
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    As if Florida didn't have enough things to kill you

    We have a guy in town where I'm a Policeman who has almost a 100 highly deadly snakes. He's licensed through the state and sells the venom to be made into anti-venom. I told him point blank I will never enter his residence regardless of what's going on because I am not a fan of snakes whatsoever.
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    Ammo, online prices

    I use SG Ammo too. Never had an issue with them and they ship in discreet packages. My UPS guy knows what it is since he's a shooter but my neighbors have no idea. They usually have pretty good deals. Just my two cents...
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    New to Springfield

    Greetings from Pennsylvania...
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    PSA brings back the StG44…

    I'd like to get one of those...
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    Daughter range day

    KillerFord19977 seems to be a really good shot, just ask the wild hogs he hunts....
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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    I use and like Vedder holsters as well. Greetings from Pennsylvania