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  1. Epeeist

    Recommedation on Hellcat Non OSP red dot sight

    While it might seem a bit counter intuitive, right now used guns prices are basically the same as new gun prices. Just sell the non OSP gun and pick up an OSP gun. Lock less hassle and will work much better than adapter places, waiting around for slide milling ques, which are pretty backed up...
  2. Epeeist

    HEX Optics: A High-Tech Swarm

    Interesting to see some new optics on the market. There are some things I like, such as the 2032 battery and the serrated housing to reduce glare, but there are some things that raise questions as well. Hopefully someone here can answer those questions for me. * I generally consider any red...
  3. Epeeist

    Walther PPS M2

    A friend of mine has been carrying the original PPS for years and both he and I love it. A member of my shooting group also has the current gen M2 and I have shot it a fair amount. I have never seen it malfunction in any range session, eats everything from light IDPA hand loads to +p defensive...
  4. Epeeist

    Springfield XDM OSP 10mm Review.

    Just a quick follow up after the first 500 rounds through the pipe. Zero malfunctions, the gun is an absolute tac driver, and I have made piece with the trigger. After some work with stones, files and polish I think I am to the point that I don't feel the need to order the PR competition kit...
  5. Epeeist

    Bayco Nightstick XL compared to Streamlight TLR-1 HL

    SO I have been a big Streamlight (SL) fan for years now and I have yet to have one fail on me. I still have a couple of 100 lumen TLR1 and 3 lights kicking around. When I heard that there was a holster called the Omnivore that was a level 2 retention holster that locked on the light bezel and...
  6. Epeeist

    Romeo zero on a Hellcat

    Yep, same footprint and size as the RMSc. The soon to be released Holosun 407/507K series will be a direct fit as well.
  7. Epeeist

    Optic Choice

    It is sort of apples and oranges. The Vortex is an Aimpoint M2 clone, so it is large and kind of heavy comparatively. Since this is on a pistol I would lean towards the Romeo 5. Both are solid sights with good warranties, but your use case should drive your gear choice in this one. For me...
  8. Epeeist

    Hellcat OSP Optic choices

    I had two of the early plastic bodied Shield SMS (JP branded) sights and they both failed. The Shield SMSc is the one SA seems to be selling through the online SA store. The Holosun is not in widespread release yet, they are thinking April before its in most stores. The Sig Romeo Zero is an...
  9. Epeeist

    Hellcat Size

    I have a trigger bite-ish issue on my 365 as well. The front portion of the trigger guard angles up and my finger just barely fits in there, since I have large hands. So the side of my finger is rubbing against the trigger guard on every shot. I still shoot it a bit better than my HeckKitten...
  10. Epeeist

    Your avatar story?

    Mine is just an Omega 10mm ported two tone. Until I joined the forums it was the only SA I had. Since then I have a Hellcat, XDM 10mm and an M1A. I guess you guys are rubbing off on me...
  11. Epeeist

    Which AR mags do you run?

    In my opinion and many in the industry the mag thing is urban gun legend propagated by well meaning folks that genuinely believe it. However, here is just a bit of research for you to peruse. https://blog.gunassociation.org/debunked-dispelling-mag-spring-myth/ (Link to definitive article...
  12. Epeeist

    Which AR mags do you run?

    No, not in practical terms. Modern mags are designed to stay loaded to capacity. Loading and unloading is what kills mags, a properly made spring under compression will not degrade. Depending on the mag they may shrink a bit, but this “set” in time is already factored into the mag function...
  13. Epeeist

    Which AR mags do you run?

    I have yet to find an AR mag that won't run well in a quality AR. A couple of my bullpups are a bit more finicky due to the magwell design and only really like Lancer or metal AR mags. The ones I like the best are HK, Lancer, Pmag gen 3, Troy and C mags. I have also had good luck with...
  14. Epeeist


    I have had a couple of Venom and Vipers over the years. They are fine, especially if you get them under $200. Their warranty service is great, and the glass and construction are solid, if a bit dated. The Venom is the older of the two, more along the lines of the Burris Fastfire than the...
  15. Epeeist

    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    This is my daily walking around in town/work carry. Sig 365 XL with Romeo 0 and TLR 6 light/laser loaded with HST 147's in a Neptune Concealment holster and a Kershaw assisted opening knife. Nothing very fancy, and nothing that would break my heart or bank to replace, but gets the job done.
  16. Epeeist

    CZ Rami opinions

    I am not sure how I missed this! I have one of the BD 9mm guns and it is very good. In my opinion it is the best of the "choped and lopped" duty guns that came out in the 90s and 00's. It points well, has a decent DA/SA trigger that can be made stupid good with a little love and money, and...
  17. Epeeist

    Springfield XDM OSP 10mm Review.

    Its not great. It is audible and tactile, but it is long. The longish trigger pull and over travel make it feel even longer than it really is. Its not a great trigger for folks who only ride the trigger to reset. Unfortunately I am one of those folks. I ended up short stroking the trigger a...
  18. Epeeist

    Springfield XDM OSP 10mm Review.

    Thanks! I picked one of the 509C MRD guns in FDE up a couple weeks ago. I absolutely love it. Its basically just a Tactical with better internal parts finishing to remove some of that gritty feel on the trigger and a shorter grip. Otherwise it is 100% the same as the current production 509...
  19. Epeeist

    The .40

    What he said goes for me as well. The 40 just does not do anything particularly well IMHO except make Major with more rounds than a .45. Its one rules change away from joining the 38 super on the dust heap of cartridge history.
  20. Epeeist

    Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-16×44

    I have owned quite a few Vortex scopes over the years and only had a problem with one of them. They replaced it no questions asked in a very quick turn around. For the money they are the optic I recommend to folks.