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    Has anyone had any experience with Ammo Squared?

    I personally think it is a great idea, and a great way to accumulate ammo. I haven’t created my first crate because I got my reloading going. I may use them to accumulate defensive ammo. Probably will.
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    primer(s) prices for bulk

    Just got the following email from Expansion Ammunition. I had contacted them earlier to see when primers would be available from them. Expansion Ammunition Primers Thank you Mike, We are looking forward to starting production over the coming month and shipping on a limited basis. You...
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    GOA Letter 6/8

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    Repaired SA-35 Range Report 04/10

    Om, I sent you a pm yesterday concerning a Reloading question. Please let me know what you think.
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    New here~ Just got an Operator!

    Welcome from North Texas.
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    reloading questions/advice if you would please?

    I got my mount from Inline Fabrication. It sits a little higher than the Dillon. Very well made and it costs 75.00 with free shipping. Here is the link. https://inlinefabrication.com/
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    Sorry about the double post.

    Welcome from North Texas.
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    reloading questions/advice if you would please?

    OM, I’m kinda in the same boat as you are, although I have purchased some of what you mentioned. I got the Frankfort Arsenal Tumbler and have used it to clean my brass. It works very well, so I can recommend it. I got the HS-6 powder for my initial reloading (9mm). I used Berry’s for the...
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    Why This Forum?

    Welcome from North Texas. Thank you for your service!
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    Social Camouflage: Blending In to Safely CCW

    Welcome from North Texas.
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    Ammunition 101: The Basics Of A Cartridge

    Good information! Thank you for posting.
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    Question about .327 Federal Magnum

    I’ve been intrigued by the 327 also, and looked into reloading. The brass is fairly easy to find, bullets are a little more difficult, and I’ve got a ’Notify me’ in at Midway for the dies. I’m gonna try a get it all together for reloading. Also, I have a ‘Notify Me‘ at Midway for the Taurus...
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    New gun owner looking for advice

    Welcome from North Texas. I have nothing to add to the excellent advice already given.
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    It’s Your Duty Video Training Series

    Attached is the link to a series of training videos from Walther. I watched them, and they appeared pretty good to me. Not too familiar with two of the trainers, but I really like Larry Vickers...
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    SIG Freedom Days in Phoenix, AZ

    I’m giving it some thought. Sure would like to go. I’m planning on it if everything falls into place.
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    Waypoint production?

    Welcome from North Texas.
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    Intro and Collection

    Welcome from North Texas. We’re gonna get along just fine cause we both like XDe’s! I admire your taste!
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    Overweight in warm climate

    Welcome from North Texas. I also have a Kore belt and completely agree with you. I use a variety of holsters during the warmer months here. My main ones are from Versacarry and Crossbreed. Again, Welcome!
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    Amen and amen!
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    Texas and other southern states in our thoughts

    Icy here in DFW, (Sachse). I‘m used to ice and snow (grew up in Amarillo). But with the quantity of drivers, plus the icy conditions, I stay off the roads here. The beauty of Texas is that by next week it’ll probably be 80 degrees.