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    All Metal 9mm

    Hi Power! Colt Commander. Beretta 92X, 92X Compact. Lots of amazing choices.
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    Off to Chicago.

    I’d rather spend a week in Beirut than the South Side of Chicago. You be safe, Guy.
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    Let's see your AR setups...

    do you work in a Dr’s office? Lmao
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    Streamlights P365 TLR-6 is a Godsend for Concealed Carriers

    What was the issue with Viridian, if there was one? I’m just curious.
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    Defensive Revolver Calibers

    How do you like that Carry Comp?
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    Defensive Revolver Calibers

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    Defensive Revolver Calibers

    When shot from an L-frame, recoil is about the same as a water pistol.
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    Defensive Revolver Calibers

    What caliber? Online sellers are bursting at the seams with ammo if you're able/ willing to go that route!
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    Gel Test: Remington High Terminal Performance 9mm JHP

    My immediate thought was that I shouldn’t be encountering too many intermediate barriers in a legally justified, squeaky clean SD shooting (Aside from clothing). This is the first time I’ve ever see this ammo tested. It’s Good to see big ol’ green making a comeback. Golden Saber FTW though.
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    American War Dogs of World War II

    Beautiful animal, and touching photo. Your daughter did him great justice. She’s got a talent. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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    American War Dogs of World War II

    Stay safe my friend.
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    Home Defense Kit: Gear You Need

    So, what if BG creeps straight over to the corner, and you wake up with your own rifle stick under your chin?
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    confused and need help

    What a beauty
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    I’ve just been fortunate enough to buy lots and lots of firearms. Law of averages.
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    Pit Bulls

    Domesticated (key word domesticated) dogs are NOT carnivorous predators, and their brains certainly are not simple relative to many human beings I‘ve encountered over the course of my lifetime. I’d be willing to bet my life that the dog that attacked you was abused or terribly mistreated somehow...
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    Pit Bulls

    Pit Bulls are some more of god’s perfect creations who love unconditionally. It’s the sub-human wGANGSTAS like Michael Prick and the rest of his clones and “crew” who do their best to destroy these beautiful animals while engaging oin the most despicable act on earth (dogfighting) who elicit...
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    Pit Bulls

    what you describe is extraordinarily rare In animals, but not so much in people. I’d be a lot more worried about “friendly“ human beings biting my face off than I would be a dog.
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    What was the last time you saw Speer bullets for sale??

    They’re all over the place, buddy. Not gonna divulge the nest source, but suffice to say, you should have no problemo finding those golden beauties.
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    Caliber Wars:

    Are you actually serious?
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    Caliber Wars:

    How many rounds did Jacob Blake take to the back and survive? Stopping power is grossly misunderstood.