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    Slide Stop is hard and stiff

    I second @Annihilator. Your pistol is made to handle just using the slide release, but it is always recommended to sling-shot the slide at the same time to ease wear and tear (it’s also easier to do in general IMO). Similar to breaks on a car; you can slam on your breaks every time to stop, or...
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    Mag springs, I am right, I think?

    I avoid after-market mag extenders for personal defense weapons. Adding 2 extra rounds to a 15 round mag by manipulating the OEM isn’t worth it IMO. The chances you will shoot 15 rounds in self defense is basically nil (2-4 based on statistics), and if you can’t solve the problem in 15 rounds...
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    Let’s get another visual of everyone’s stash (Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, etc.). I love bourbon, so here’s my collection:
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    Received my Hellcat FDE Today

    The color issue is odd. I have seen people complain about this several times with other firearm manufacturers. I really don’t know why this happens.
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    911 vs. Hellcat

    Are they not able to order them in? The two local firearm stores that I have used typically never have the Hellcat in stock because they fly off the shelf, but they will order it in upon request and hold it for you.
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    When a COVID-19 Vaccine is developed will you get it?

    1. It was retracted because it was a completely false statement (the viruses that cause the common cold and influenza are easily spread by asymptomatic carriers as well). 2. Lockdowns have been easing up since the beginning of June despite the retraction.
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    When a COVID-19 Vaccine is developed will you get it?

    For anyone who is interested in science/facts: https://ourworldindata.org/eradication-of-diseases
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    When a COVID-19 Vaccine is developed will you get it?

    They retracted that statement.
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    When a COVID-19 Vaccine is developed will you get it?

    Don’t waste your time.
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    9mm vs 45ACP: The Ultimate Caliber Conundrum

    The generally ideology of this statement is that if you can’t handle the recoil of a .45 ACP (especially in a compact/sub-compact firearm) and/or you are not accurate with it, but you are proficient with a .22 LR, there is no point in carrying a .45 ACP. Which basically translates to carry the...
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    9mm vs 45ACP: The Ultimate Caliber Conundrum

    Yea, that was my point as saying these aren't typical CC calibers so I leave them out of the discussion/argument. Because someone will argue that these are pistol rounds and are powerful and can have hydrostatic shock, which I wouldn't disagree with, but no one is CCing a 500. Typically 380 ACP...
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    9mm vs 45ACP: The Ultimate Caliber Conundrum

    Compared to long-guns, pistols are pretty awful. But, you can't easily conceal a rifle or shotgun, so you are left with a pistol. Comparing muzzle energy of pistol rounds is pointless, as it doesn't correlate to effectiveness or the mythical pistol "knockdown power." If you are a believer of...
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    Canik TP9 Elite SC

    To get a descent RMR sight, you’re looking at minimum $150, but typically $200-$400, so you will be well over $500. I definitely understand the want for an RMR sight, especially those who have trouble with their vision. I don’t know how much range time you guys plan on investing in, but I would...
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    Small Caliber Handguns for Self Defense

    IMHO, caliber discussions for pistols are just a pissing match and a discussion of who’s d1ck is bigger. I really want my wife to carry, and she shoots a 9mm pretty well. If we get to the point where she decides to carry, and she finds herself most comfortable, accurate, and safe with a .22 LR...
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    Concealed Carry in your Car

    In PA you need a CCL to have it loaded in your car (anywhere), otherwise the mag (loaded) and firearm have to be separated and not both accessible from one position in the car (e.g. glove compartment and trunk).
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    If people prefer not reducing trigger-pull weight, but they hate their stock trigger, you can find after market drop-in triggers that are much smoother, less creep, but don’t reduce trigger-pull weight. Apex, and some others do make some, but it just depends on the make and model of your EDC.
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    Performance in competition matches does not correlate to success/performance in self-defense situations. I’m not saying there’s no benefit, but you can easily find articles where they take professional competition shooters and put them in mock self-defense scenarios (they are essentially the...
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    I agree with @HansGruber. On the rare chance I would have to use my firearm in self-defense, I don’t want to give the prosecution/jury another reason to criminalize me. Typically, in self-defense shooting cases, if you end up being charged, the firearm you used will be intensely analyzed and the...
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    Hellcat with Fiber Optic

    I literally posted the pic of fiber-optic only with my response. Just go to the the website and look for yourself: https://www.springfield-armory.com/hellcat-series-handguns/hellcat-3-micro-compact-handguns/ There are two sight options for OSP and non-OSP: 1. Tritium/Luminescent Front...
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    Hellcat with Fiber Optic

    They have just a fiber-optic version.