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    Is The .357 Magnum the Most Versatile Revolver Caliber of All Time

    I've had at least one sense 1976.Mostly mod.19's or 66's.Like Taurus and Ruger also.
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    It's official...

    Never let your guard down.
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    New Handgun

    AMEN and good shooting
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    Your most powerful handgun?

    Mod.19 Smith and Wesson.357 with comp.Old hands.
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    Below the Radar: Background Check Completion Act of 2020

    The author of this"bill",has lied about his service record.He believes the Bill of Rights is a road block to a progressive gov,
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    Carrying a full size handgun? Do you do IWB or OWB?

    If it aint broke,don't fix it
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    Five Must-Have Survival Meds

    Pet.jelly,chap stick?
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    Five Must-Have Survival Meds

    The Vicks can also be used to draw out infections and splinters.Dave Cantaberry has a youtube searies on herbs and plants to use for meds.Take three fingers of single malt and call me in the morning.
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    News: Skyrocketing Ammunition Demand

    We have been going through these ammo shortages for the past eight years. My son and I started buying a box or three when we could find them.Only need to fluff up after a big range day.
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    Is The .44 Magnum A Wise Choice For CCW Carry

    To each his own.Would like to see one of the 44spl.conversions.I carry my DAO CA Bull Dog in a pocket holster.Feel well armed.
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    The 21 Foot Rule: What Does It Really Mean

    That would increase the stress factor by about 10
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    Not All Fights Are Gunfights: The Sheriff’s Take

    Thank you Michael.ed I will check it out.
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    Why Polymer Pistols are the Future of Handguns

    My thoughs also.
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    How Do I Lock Back My Pistol Slide?

    With all the new gun owners this is a very good lesson.
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    The Pederson Device: A Secret Weapon of WW II

    A good read indeed.I like the quick ability to decide on needed material in those times
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    Not All Fights Are Gunfights: The Sheriff’s Take

    I now carry a stout wooden cane when out and about.Would anyone have a choice for pepper spray?Still carry J or K frame 357 mag.
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    Your CCW 1911? Ronin 4.25"

    Good looking tool for edc.Good job Springfield
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    Gun Sales Scare the Anti-Gun Elite

    If you go back to 1776,the Brits didn't want us to have guns then.It sucks being them!
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    New for 2020: Davidson’s Exclusive 1873 Revolvers

    I need a brace to go with my Roy Rogers outfit.