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    M1a in .308 - 168 gr or 175 gr

    I run 168 bthp in my m1a, main reason is it works well in my m1 garands also.
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    Price gouging!

    Even on auction sites, people are bidding on ammo and paying the high prices. Unreal on the prices that ammo is going for. Just glad I reload and have plenty of supplies.
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    Did you purchase a firearm last year?

    PSA will run deals on ar 30 round Magpul mags for the ar every now and then. They were like $7.79 apiece. I bought 10, then went back and bought another 10, and finally went back the third time and bought 10 more. Plus the ones I already bought at flea markets. I did buy a few 10 round mags for...
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    Plunk or not to Plunk

    I have the gauges to test them, the revolvers I will put in the cylinder. 45 ACP and 9mm go in the gauges. Rifles all go in the gauges.
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    Has anybody ever successfully defended their family with a gun?

    My brother and I was out deer hunting one year. I was 12 at the time. My brother was carrying a m1 carbine and I was carrying a m1 garand. We was on one hill top and another guy was on another hill top about 500 yards away. That guy started shooting at my brother and as he was diving for cover...
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    Did you purchase a firearm last year?

    I know I bought a couple, but sometimes I forget that I bought them. I have every intention on shooting them, then I end up putting them up because I'm not able to shoot them right away. I did buy a Springfield Super Match. XDM 3.8 and a M1 garand with a serial number in the 29xxx. Every once in...
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    Mom and pop shop closing

    I live in ohio and one of the last mom and pop gun store around me is closing soon. Guns are 10% off and everything else is 30%. They have this Ruger Superblack hawk for as long as I can remember. It is used and asking $429 for it. It does have the 7.5 barrel. I have the 10.5 barrel. Does $380...
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    Basic Two-Handed Shooting Stances

    I'm sure my stance is all wrong. I've watch videos of people shooting, the way they grip the pistol, the way they stand, the way they just do everything from start to finish. And I'm no where near them. I can hit my targets though and when I was shooting every other weekend my groupings were...
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    What's your favorite source for Bullets?

    I've bought from Sages reloading. Has brass and bullets. His packaging is top of the line.
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    The Reloading Bench

    I reload myself and always am interested in what others have tried. It is a good idea and can be very helpful. I've had to ask a few questions on other forums.
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    Which 1911 would you get if.....

    Dan Wesson. Been wanting to get one anyways.
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    Carrying a full size handgun? Do you do IWB or OWB?

    I've wanted one of those just for the heck of it. Is it fun to shoot or just to front heavy?
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    Seems like Colt is introducing new 2020 Python

    https://www.gunbroker.com/item/852181167#carousel-modal-view-item Up for auction
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    What is the best Home Defense Weapon?

    Don't have to worry about that. I've gone over the plans with the girlfriend. Son is grown and has his own life. P.S This has been a good thread, hope this forum sticks around and stays active.
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    What is the best Home Defense Weapon?

    I own my house and don't have neighbors close enough for me to be overly worried about my stray bullet if I stick with a pistol. I did and have thought the target and beyond training and even did some testing with my ammo to see the penetration. The bullets would have to go through 4-6 walls and...
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    Any ammo issues with Saint AR

    I haven't had a single issue that I can remember. I reload so I can't say about different ammo issues. It just runs. I have a few other ar and find myself picking the Saint when I go to the range.
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    M-1A or AR-10

    I have a couple M1a rifles and like them a lot. I have been wanting to get the Springfield Victor AR10 to have and to find out for myself which one is more fun. I have read many reviews and comparisons, the pros and cons of each. I still like my garands the best though.
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    Welcome Message

    Hello from Ohio. Enjoy all my Springfield guns. Pistols and rifles.
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    Show off your 1911

    This is just one of a few. Just like others, I have more than a few and enjoy them all.
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    Under the pillow or in the nightstand?

    I have mine on the nightstand. But it's laying to where I have to pick it up with my left hand. If I needed my left arm to defend myself then gun in laying on the wrong side. It seems like a no win situation. I need one on nightstand for left handed and one attached to side of bed for right...