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    Just bought this one for the memories...

    Ahh totally forgot about the M8 Bayonet I have in my collection, fits like a glove.
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    Just bought this one for the memories...

    "This is my rifle there are many like it but this one is mine..." Just bought this one today for nostalgic reasons. It's a Colt AR-15A4 BUT it's almost an exact replica of the M16A2 I carried in the Army. Everything EXCEPT the trigger housing of course, no 3-round burst on this one. 😉 Well...
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    Alec Baldwin charged...!!

    As much as I dislike the guy, I don't think he should be charged. He's an idiot actor, he's given props all the time and told what to do with them in front of the screen. The armorer and producer(s) or whoever would be in charge of the weapon should be charged. jmo
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    Grey/Blue gunk from my suppressor? Q?

    Cool video, learned a lot... thx.
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    Grey/Blue gunk from my suppressor? Q?

    Excuse my ignorance, new suppressor owner, first time out shooting it, after about 500 rounds couldn't get it off. Wasn't sure how much force I should use, anyway I finally just pulled hard, and it came off and as you can see it left a grey/blue paste on my muzzle. Just wondering what that is...
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    New one for me, buy gun for holster.

    A new one for me, bought the wrong holster for my gun, (Springfield Hellcat Pro), instead of returning it just went to the gun store and bought the gun it’s made for, a Springfield XDm. Hey, any reason to buy a new gun is a good one. ;)
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    Do you remember who introduced you to firearms?

    True Story... I was in foster care for most of my childhood, at 14 I went into a foster home where the "dad" was a sheriff deputy. For my 16th birthday I got 3 things... He adopted me even though I only had 2 more years in foster, he's now my dad and I followed his footsteps. He later took me...
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    Hellcat Pro take down leaver from hell

    Same here... had to take it down and reassemble about 10 times before it became easy enough... day 1 that thing was tough.
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    Buying the Same Gun in Multiple Calibers

    Yep, same here... which one do you find yourself shooting more? For me it's the .308... and that was my first .308 then I had to get the M1A. I find myself moving from my tried and true 5.56 al my life and looking at .308's now. Problem is I have about 5k 5.56 rounds, and only about 1k in .308. ;)
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    Do you remember your first gaming pc you bought or built?

    Funny... A Radio Shack TRS-80 personal computer. It had a tape player that saved and loaded files, you would have to play the tape from the beginning till it found the file to load. My first computer game was from a magazine. You would type in code for days, get syntax errors and search for...
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    Back-Up Guns for Cops: What Do They Use?

    Good article... brought back memories... I'm retired now but in 2000 or so when Springfield released the original XD's in .40 I bought 3 of them with a nice tax return. 5 Inch Tactical for main carry, 4 inch for the in car go bag, and a 3 inch in a ankle holster. All used the same mags so it...
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    Major Storm Coming

    As a Floridian since birth these storms really don't bother me, even the big ones. My house is well built and protected, along with my stuff inside including my 50+ guns. (lol) And I am definitely set to care for myself and family for months on end... BUT... You still have to respect mother...
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    Major Storm Coming

    From Naples, FL... Good luck fellow Freedom Floridians, and others in the path. I'm always ready with plenty of food, water, guns, and ammo. lol And a nice generator big enough to run ALMOST the whole house. lol Now I probably don't have to tell you people here this but... Don't count on the...
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    Micro Compact (Hellcat) weapon mounted light list

    Good article, I have the C5L on my Hellcat Pro, fits and works great. Still can't find a holster for it, just the hellcat with the light, not the pro. Hope to be able to carry it one day, right now just a range gun.
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    What’s in the Vaultek?! Big Promotion from Springfield!

    Nearest location for me is Miami... I don't go to Miami for nothing, not really part of Freedom Florida. ;) But I'm thinking properly a Hellcat Pro package. But would like a Waypoint 2020 which I can't find anywhere.
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    Saint Victor Jammed

    What ammo? I got to admit I bought a Saint Pistol .308 back when ammo was really hard to get so caved and bought steel Russian ammo... big mistake and lesson learned, same thing happened to me I couldn't get the casing out, neither could my armor, had to send it to Springfield, got it back 3...
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    Will a Hellcat Pro fit in the same holster as a Hellcat?

    When I googled the Q. about the different size of the two this came up... "The only difference in the two frames is their size. The Hellcat Pro's grip is a bit longer than the original, allowing for a more comfortable grasp and increased hand contact and control, making it a great option for...
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    Who Uses Dash Cameras?

    I've never used a dash cam before but a month ago someone pulled in front of my wife, both saying they had the green... so I'm actually looking into getting one now but concerned about busting myself with my own bad, well I say great, driving habits. lol BUT I have used GoPro's on my MC for...
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    What “Vehicle” Color works For You?

    I used to be a hardcore blue fan, probably due to my profession... but I've really fallen for Battleship Grey lately... looking to trade in my 2017 Blue Harley for a new Battleship Grey soon. love it. jmo