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    Source of a Legacy: The Life of Springfield Armory’s Bob Reese

    Sometimes we're just blessed in a big way! Thanks for that fine article!
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    A History of the Infamous RPG-7

    An excellent article!!!
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    Ukraine’s One-Shot Wonder Weapon: The AT4

    A very fine article indeed and a fascinating subject. The only slight error I noticed is that America's favorite Vampire Slayer is....Kristi Swanson ;^)
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    Are American-Made RPG-7s in Ukraine Taking Down Russian Tanks?

    A very fine article Mr. Morgan! P.s The Soviets provided all types of weapons to the viet cong including Mig fighters. Payback time ;^)
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    Combat Rifles of the Pacific War

    Another fine article! Dad was in China, Burma and India. He never spoke a word of it until his late 70's
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    The AK-74 in Ukraine: A History & More

    I really enjoy Dr. Dabbs articles! Thank you, JW
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    A Single Shot That Saved D-Day: The British PIAT

    Fascinating!!! We are so lucky to have these fine soldiers and veterans! As a side note, my Dad flew the Waco Glider. The first to land had to light a kerosene lantern and wave in the next glider, then repeat. Sometimes the lantern man was mowed down by a glider and the remaining gliders...
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    In Memory: Larry Ruth, Renowned M1 Carbine Historian

    Great Article and thanks Larry! Be sure to see my signature line below ;^)
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    Kratky Method: Growing Food Without Soil

    I wouldn't have expected this article here but I'm glad it is! With our current food prices soaring and availability declining I'll start doing this. We already vegetable garden so this will be a good addition. The pump issue always kept me away. Thanks.
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    The First Russian-Ukrainian War … of 1919

    Timely article, thanks! Ukraine's vast resources and fine farmland make it a target for the bad guys.
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    Are American-Made RPG-7s in Ukraine Taking Down Russian Tanks?

    Fascinating article and timely too.
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    Molotov Cocktail vs. Tank: A History of This Desperate Measure

    That was a fine article! Especially pertinent today considering the suffering going on in Ukraine. Thanks
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    Project Pinball: Worst Idea of World War II?

    Fascinating article! One of my uncles was a B-17 ball turret gunner and the other flew Corsairs. Dad flew the big Waco glider. Most of the young men of that generation were really capable, not so much today. Bassbob is correct.
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    Dangerous Steps: Viet Cong Booby Traps

    May the good Lord bless every one of our Soldiers! I hope that every Veteran that reads my post can feel that my family and I are sending you the warmest regards and heartfelt thanks. Excellent article as usual!
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    An M1A. 5 Days. 15K Rounds.

    It has beautiful lines and I cherish it!!!
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    Germany’s Secret Submachine Gun: The MP34

    Interesting history and weapon. Dr. Dabbs sounds like a good guy too.
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    The Armory Life Interviews: Springfield Armory’s Dennis Reese

    Great folks with ethics, honor and integrity and some divine intervention = success! I wish the Reese family and their employees the very best in life! Ps. How bout some .30 Carbines???
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    Are your Dogs Part of your Home-Defense Plan?

    Our dogs are a fine early warning system. While outside I pay close attention to the birds also.
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    Gel Testing Federal Hydra-Shok Deep .380

    Good job Yamil! I find myself carrying a .380 more and more. Someone above did mention the Smith EZ 9mm for their wife and I went that route also. Smith has had a recall and I had to send it back for the hammer alloy problem ;^( You just can't beat Springfield Armory, their weapons and their...
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    Would the Founding Fathers Have Banned “Assault Weapons”?

    Fascinating article! Imagine...16 shots way back in 1580.