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    P-51 Mustang: America’s Apex Predator

    Contact Stallion 51 Flight School, Kissimmee, FL, Lee Lauderback has more P-51 hours than anyone in the world. You can't do any better than this.
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    The Armory Life Presents: The 2021 Cantius Award

    Congrats Paul. Keep up the great work that you do.
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    SA-35 Review: Dissecting Springfield’s New Pistol

    It's a work of art. Can't wait to get one. I will pay MSRP but I'm not interested in being gouged. Thanks for the info.
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    Semi-Auto M60: The Ever-Elusive Springfield Armory SA1

    Yep, it's called the price of doing business. I would gladly trade a long world vacation for some days at the range.
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    Semi-Auto M60: The Ever-Elusive Springfield Armory SA1

    Outstanding! Looks like another $1K day at the range. It's a work of art in your hands.
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    Semi-Auto M60: The Ever-Elusive Springfield Armory SA1

    Congrats that is where I started. Do you know if "Machine Gun USA" has an M2?
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    Semi-Auto M60: The Ever-Elusive Springfield Armory SA1

    Thanks Will for the great article. It takes me back to 1971 and having one in my hands. Didn't worry about the cost as the taxpayers were footing the bill. What an honor it would be to do it again.
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    Review: The New Springfield Operator 1911 .45 ACP

    Black and green always goes together well. Maybe someday the military will get their collective head out of where the sun don't shine. Mike you make it look so easy. Why would SA want to be just like every other manufacturer. That's not their business model.
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    TAL Interviews: THE GREAT ONE, Rob Leatham

    Thanks Rob for the personal history. What a great life with no regrets. What a great family to be a part of. I envy your time at Springfield as I am a fairly new comer. Great story.
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    Review: The Ronin EMP

    Just beautiful. Can't wait to hold one and send a few down range. Keep doing what you do best.
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    Springfield Armory Garrison 1911 Review

    Springfield hits another homerun. Your word is your brain on parade. Yep , I already knew.
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    General Quarters: U.S. Navy M14 Rifles

    Outstanding, thank you.
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    Review: XD-S Mod.2 OSP 3.3″ .45 ACP

    Thanks for another Springfield Armory victory. Obviously leader of the pack. Great product development from a great company at a reasonable price. Keep up the great work that you do.
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    General Quarters: U.S. Navy M14 Rifles

    What a great read from a group of seasoned vets. Sounds like I'm the youngster in the discussion. I made my comparison in 1970. I am a fan of both but I tend to lean toward the M14 as my favorite. The M14 is perfect for stopping anything out to 300 yards and it's reliable in the worst of...
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    The Armory Life Interviews: Carol Reese, Matriarch of Springfield Armory

    What a wonderful article. Carol and her family are part of the backbone of our country. They are part of the reason why our country is so great today. Success equals father, mother, children, family.
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    At Close Range: The M1911 Pistol in the Korean War

    Some things never change. China is still copying and producing crap today. The only quality they understand is what they can steal. They might win the battle but not the war. We can literally outsmart them.
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    An M1A. 5 Days. 15K Rounds.

    Not only is this a great rifle, but it will last forever with out any issues. Every vet should own one.
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    Ayoob: Do You Make These 1911 Mistakes?

    Thanks Massad for the great info and help keeping us all safe. I try to minimize mistakes with weapons. You have a 10 year head start on me. Keep up the great work that you do.
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    Wood & Steel: My Crush Rifle

    Your descriptive words take me back to 1971 when I caressed my M14 at Ft Jackson SC. Such great memories. No scope needed but I always wanted one. My plan is to have one soon.
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    Review: Hi-Lux Leatherwood ART Scope on the M1A

    I love this combination. I shot the M-14 in 1971 without a scope and it was awesome. What a huge performance enhancement this scope is. Thanks for the info and military history.