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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    Daily load out for me. XD-S straddles my three o’clock belt loop with the Kabar Navy Mk1. Buck 110 goes in my left front pocket. Leatherman Wave+, Raptor and bit kit in double mag pouch that straddles my 9 o’clock belt loop. Single mag carrier goes directly behind double mag pouch. On the odd...
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    mine still has the original 307 with the 2 speed powerglide. I’ve thought about converting her to a 327. Iirc the only difference is the stroke. Want to get her back presentable first though
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    Mine is a ‘68 Chevelle Malibu Sport Coupe.
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    Count me with the I’m good with what I got crowd. Wife usually has to hound me for months to get any gift ideas for me. If Santa is just bored and has to throw presents at me, he can start throwing parts at me for my chevelle. It’d give me something to keep busy on.
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    What Guns Do Your Kids Like?

    “I worry that we may have lost the generation currently in their 20's and 30's” Don’t give up on us too soon. I’m 35 and the wife is a couple years younger. I’ve been shooting most of my life. She’s a late bloomer that came around after we got married burt owns, shoots and carries her own...
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    Does your edc have a wml?

    No lights here. Having one would just give me more batteries to worry about in my opinion. I could see the value on long guns but i don’t have any i would use at home at present. Probably a mossberg 500 in my future that’ll have one.
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    The one gun you’d love to own but never would spend that kind of money

    M1 Garand, WW2 vintage 1911, and a Mauser karabiner 98 top my list. Full auto thompson would be up there too.
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    Top off magazine?

    Nowadays I tend to take 3. My 45s go every time to maintain proficiency and give me a chance to function check. Then i usually take the my mossberg 715T (mag fed .22lr) usually take about 100 rounds per caliber. Used to take more but got sick of lugging all the ammo around. I only take more...
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    The Pros And Cons Of Concealing A Snub-Nose

    Still have the Taurus 38 snubbie I inherited from my grandmother. I don’t really carry it often but have used it occasionally for carry. I have found that the grips are typically too small and uncomfortable for me. Mine now has oversized grips on it, but it tends to print more as a result. It...
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    One-Man Room Clearing: Sound Tactic or Suicidal Move?

    Not something i care to do unless absolutely necessary, but if loved ones are on line… i’d go in.
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    Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women (2021)

    Best gun for a woman…the one she can shoot correctly and accurately. When i taught my wife to shoot i brought, borrowed or rented guns in all the major calibers to let her pick a cartridge she liked. Then she started handling guns in that caliber until she found the one that felt best to her...
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    What influenced you to purchase your first Springfield product?

    Had fired a friend’s full size XD with lukewarm results and had sworn off polymer pistols (not a glock fan either although i have only fired gen 1-2s). Fast forward about 10 years and decided my Sig P220 was too big to carry anymore. Discovered the xd-s mod 2 in researching what edc gun i...
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    Top off magazine?

    My edc is topped off but I don’t think it would hurt anything to leave the +1 out, but i’d rather have it and not need it than the other way around. Since i carry single stack 45s I don’t tend to worry about having high capacity. Usually carry an XD-S mod 2 with a spare mag. If I can’t get the...