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    Great Eastern Blackout of 2003.

    Around the same timeframe and new resident in a nice, old growth wooded neighborhood in the big city, had experienced a 3 day power outage due to a “micro-burst” type storm. This locally storm struck fast and unpredicted, caused so many downed trees, flooding and fully fried a substation...
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    Woefully underarmed

    “… he emphasized his point by placing all 17 of his rounds in or near a full body torsoe target at 20 yards.” When I was a young, new shooter I made a similar assertion to my grouping. My old timer buddy nonchalantly placed 1 round to the head of his target silhouette and told me ‘to shoot a...
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    Springer Precision-Hard To Contact?

    Can’t recall if it was Springer or Powder River that were a such small businesses that customer interaction wasn’t always prompt due to being busy. Hope they get back to you, seems like good offerings for the basic XD Series which I also have and considered upgrades. fyi -...
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    F-117 Nighthawk: The Emergence of Stealth Technology

    When they said it was off course, they were talking about the 45th Parallel. Life’s a beach. After studying the trade winds it was determined the payload wasn’t going to make it back up the coast to Rehoboth so they terminated the mission near Myrtle. Yeah, a weather balloon…whether or not...
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    F-117 Nighthawk: The Emergence of Stealth Technology

    Drifts over 2000 miles over dry landscapes, mostly unpopulated and they wait until it flies over deep water to down it. Dropped faster and straighter than a sack of potatoes according to the video when they claimed a 400 sq mile land debris field. Then they claimed they didn’t know if the...
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    Perhaps the sponsoring State Reps were the very first trial recipients for such a program? To wit;
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    F-117 Nighthawk: The Emergence of Stealth Technology

    F117 Price - $122 million Hot Air Balloon - $20,000 USD Amazing how an off course ballon can drift along sooooo many sensitive areas in just a few days. Money well spent? For a new fighter jet when the commanders-in-chiefs are such pansies. These are not smart people. Best Air Force in the...
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    Feinstein Leads The Charge On A New Assault Weapons Ban

    Term limits are ok, but there’s more to be considered. There are term limited-mandatory retirements for Fed First Responders, as well as local FR’s and also commercial pilots all based basically on abilities, risks to provide service safely. No such order for the elected or judiciary, and...
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    possible "assault weapons ban" coming to my state

    Add New Mexico to the list …now it’s “assault pistol”: https://www.breitbart.com/2nd-amendment/2023/01/30/new-mexico-democrat-pushing-ban-assault-pistols/
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    possible "assault weapons ban" coming to my state

    Illinois‘ Wheel of Corruption continues like Bozo’s Fair & Square Contest. IL Supreme court, the same high court that upheld JB’s flu lockdowns, same court where the Gov JB & House Speaker provided funds $1.35 million for two judicial election campaigns, AND what‘ya know….they both won. JB...
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    Updates to ATF Final Rule on Stabilizing Braces

    It all begins today. ATF just published the AB Rule today… https://www.breitbart.com/2nd-amendment/2023/01/31/t-minus-120-days-counting-atf-pistol-brace-rule-published/ But U.S. House plans a review...
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    Is Bear Spray Better Than a Pistol?

    That guy squaring in the bottom picture looks familiar. Is that legendary Scranton Joe?
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    Any Ideas ?

    CA recently re-elected their leadership, exchanging mayors for another like mind, voted to nix recalls of incompetents. New laws are merely amendments to existing laws. It gives the elected a talking point and cover to look relevant to appease the uninformed all the while prosecution deals...
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    Anyone Else Notice This?

    “That’s what she said”.
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    Pistol-gripped shotguns, 922r and the pistol brace rule according to the ATF

    What’s next, Long Barreled Pistols will be scrutinized? The laws these Non Elected bureaus bastardize are all based on opinion. When all these cases of Bans hit the court circuits, the one thing that stands apart is the recent questioning of a federal court nominee by Sen. Kennedy (LA). This...
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    Anyone Else Notice This?

    The more I fiddle with this Forum Tool bar the more I don’t like it ! Now I’m on bold and didn’t press the B character. Pressing the B character again it highlights gray, then reverts back to regular type. Now I’m more corn-fused. I’d rather resort to writing a letter to Comment but the post...
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    Feinstein Leads The Charge On A New Assault Weapons Ban

    funny. Watched the original “Night of the Living Dead“ last night on the cable tv. The first zombie in the opening scene, the guy chasing Barbara….Wow…he sure looks like that guy the got hit on the noggin with a hammer in San Francisco.
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    Feinstein Leads The Charge On A New Assault Weapons Ban

    Lots of zombies and parrots in CA. Meet the new AWB - same as the old AWB. Last chance for a legacy bill even though she should know it still won’t get 3/5ths. And of all places to be reintroduced, CA already so highly regulated on many issues and industry. Might just be a ploy again, run a...
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    Anyone Else Notice This?

    I don’t like some of the editing formats iOS 16 added. Old versions 12 thru 15 better. Now there’s more boxes and motions just to edit a word. Example is if you highlight a word on iOS 16, it gives you 11 options: (Copy, Cut, Paste, Select All, Replace, Format, Find Selection, Look Up...
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    Anyone Else Notice This?

    The tool bar on my iPad (iOS 11, 12 and now 16) it was always visible on the Comment frame, the red “Attach files” too. Maybe you had it accidentally hidden (if that’s possible), maybe reopened the tool bar if once hidden and if Updated the OS, the toolbar appears by default.