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    Hellcat EDC?

    I bought one from Crossbreed (AIWB). It is well made. Note: Each holster is custom made to order. So your shipment will NOT ship immediately, there was a few days before the holster ships. They are made from Kydex with leather backing (next to body). They offer top grain cow or horse hide...
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    Hellcat EDC?

    That's weird, my 13 cap mag fits really tight to the grip.
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    M-1A or AR-10

    Nice article, thanks for sharing. Ender
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    M-1A or AR-10

    I've never fired the M-1 but I hear it is sweet. When taking some special training in the Army, we used scoped M-14s and man if the M1 is anything like that, it would have to be great. If you could see it in the scope, you could hit it. If I ever get a chance to get an M14 (variant) I would...
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    Kali-Key performance and feedback

    Never seen that before, I don't really need it since there aren't insane restrictions in my state. Hope it works for those who do live there.
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    Me too, I'm especially interested in the OSP version.