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  1. youngolddude

    What Are The Top 5 Gun On Your Buy List For 2023?

    I've been thinking about thinning the herd, but I might be tempted by a Pietta hammered double. Some of my cowboy guns haven't been shot in years and because we use pairs of pistols, there's some serious coin feeling unloved in the safe.
  2. youngolddude

    Strange Noises in the Night

    I surprised four in my yard when I went out to get the paper. It was rare to see a cat in the neighborhood. The packs would cruise the subdivision routinely and frequently serenade us in the early morning hours.
  3. youngolddude

    New Remington SS 1911 coming to my LGS..>!!!!!

    You're worrying about something you may not ever need. I looked at their website under support and they basically say you don't need a warranty. If you have issues, send it in and after their evaluation, they will determine whether it's free or not. That may not be comforting, but I'm wondering...
  4. youngolddude

    media questions

    You don't have too much, but it would allow you to change more frequently. In your area, I wouldn't think you would get much dirt and grit, just the grunge from firing. Unless your cases pick up dirt or grit, you do not really need to polish them.
  5. youngolddude

    media questions

    I change mine when it gets real dark or every one or two years. I clean a lot of brass. I use lizard litter (walnut) from pet stores or Harbor Freight. I don't recommend treated media because of the abrasives added which will wear on your dies. I have used two tumblers to run walnut and then...
  6. youngolddude

    Intro & Question

    Greetings from Arizona Territory. Congrats on the elusive SA-35, it's like Bigfoot around here. I'm sorry to hear about a waiting period, we can take our purchases home within minutes out this way.
  7. youngolddude

    relaoding for the finer points

    I reload, .32 Mag., .380, 9mm, .44 Spec., .44 Mag..45ACP, .38 Spec., .45 Schofield, .45 Colt and 12 Ga.. Revolvers and shotgun are for Cowboy Action and range fun. Pistol reloading is for range fun. Self defense ammo is retail. Cowboy action is close and fast with velocity limits. It works best...
  8. youngolddude

    Where are the SA-35's?

    I've waited for an SA-35, but gave up a few months ago. I have noticed that many SA models are out of stock and have been at a big box store for quite some time. Hellcats are plentiful as are a few other models, but there has been a scarcity of guns produced by them.
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    My earlier caution about Remington primers is due to the cup thickness. The other brands should be ok. I always wear eye protection and should be a no brainer.
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    Of course she will, if not, why are you married to her? My wife's responses are usually like: "Don't use your money, let the house pay for it.", "Is that what you want?", "Oh, that feels nice.". Nice article for beginners, need another one for what to do after you have options already.
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    After looking at my tax return and changing to a new phone, I think minute of bad guy (mbg) is sufficient for me. My brother sent me a spreadsheet of his motorcycle tire wear. I'm not the guy for that kind of detail.
  12. youngolddude

    possible "assault weapons ban" coming to my state

    So, are you going to buy a MSR before the ban? Load up on "high capacity" magazines? Load up on your stash before they get into stifling ammo and component sales?
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    No problem to shoot them unless they are Remington primers which are not recommended. Many in my circle use small pistol and small rifle primers interchangeably for handgun ammo in this era of scarcity. Test what you have and then decide if you wish to continue using them.
  14. youngolddude

    Guns you sold

    Pre-model 36, S&W 1911, single six convertible, Rossi 92, Uberti 1873, Ruger Vaqueros. I'm sure there are more. Some were to fund more guns, others to raise cash.
  15. youngolddude

    Feinstein Leads The Charge On A New Assault Weapons Ban

    Every area of society is controlled by the Left. Government, education, Big Tech, media, social media, Wall Street, corporations, military, etc. This is 1984 and we are in it.
  16. youngolddude

    Reloading day..how many do you do at a time, and how often....?

    You can use Alox or you can powder coat them. In your case since you have so few, I would try Alox. This is or like the waxy film on .22 bullets. Put a squirt in a margarine tub, place bullets, cover and shake. Allow to dry. I've not used it, but would probably try it if I get into casting.
  17. youngolddude

    Feinstein Leads The Charge On A New Assault Weapons Ban

    Her and Biden are why we should have term limits, their shelf life has expired.
  18. youngolddude


    I wouldn't try to talk anyone out of a purchase they want. If you want a .40, there are some cheap used ones out there. I use .380, 9mm and .45 acp for carry. 9mm is the best for economy and availability.
  19. youngolddude

    The Secret to Concealing Any Gun…

    I look just like him with another 20 years or so added. :rolleyes:
  20. youngolddude

    The Secret to Concealing Any Gun…

    I think he wore it as a goof. In AZ, Hawaiian shirts are common when it's hot. It's kinda cold now (60) and I wear pants, long sleeve shirts and a vest. i fit in well with the other geezers around here. I never tell anyone I'm carrying, no stickers on my vehicle or God forbid, "tactical" anything.