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  1. BooVuc

    HellCat verses Sweat! Words of Warning

    Follow-up on my post! I bought a new OWB holster for the Hellcat. Its a Versacarry Rebel. Leather belt portion with Kydex outer. Adjustable tension. Has a high back to keep the gun from contacting skin. (the issue with my original Kydex holster). It doesn't interfere with the mounted Romeo Zero...
  2. BooVuc

    HellCat verses Sweat! Words of Warning

    I take my carry guns down once a month or more if I'm shooting weekly but as I stated, I had NO bench or cleaning supplies to do maintenance on the gun for almost two months due to my move and packing. And I had no time to shoot in that span. I'll have a tee shirt on with an outer garment now...
  3. BooVuc

    HellCat verses Sweat! Words of Warning

    It's been awhile since I've been on. I'm moving into the Northwest Cincinnati area and I've been very busy between here and Central Pennsylvania. To that point, with my move, I settled on carrying my HellCat on an everyday basis since late August while I broke down my reloading bench and...
  4. BooVuc

    Dune (2021): Official Trailer

    A lot of hours to get to the best most thought provoking parts at the end but a great book and original movie. Sequels scare me worse than co-piloting for a friend back in the day! (And Sting should have never ever tried acting)! :whistle:
  5. BooVuc

    Do you red dot, or not?

    To the OP, by all means yes on a RDS for conceal carry if your eyes are getting dim. As mentioned, practice at the range until you feel comfortable at a good distance besides PBR and shoot it until it's muscle memory. The RDS on the gun I may carry if I did conceal carry but I probably...
  6. BooVuc

    The Pros and Cons of Brass vs Steel Case

    Well I'm not a fan of BCA and there tomato stake barrels on most of the tool-marked stuff they put out but you can't dispute what they state except for the AR's not being designed for steel cases. (please....I know there are good uppers that are BCA but they are the exceptions and not the rule...
  7. BooVuc

    Crooked LGS

    Never sell a gun direct to a LGS. You will always lose out on a deal they offer. Even trading a gun in for another and cash will result in a poor outcome unless you are tight with the establishment. An LGS that sells under a consignment is better and the best is selling via a gun friendly forum...
  8. BooVuc

    Winchester RECALL 9mm 115g FMJ/JHP

    If it's their white or red box "stuff", (think of another 4 letter word that smells bad), I never have to worry because it's all junk IMHO. It can't be relied on! I avoid it like the plague. Squib loads, accuracy issues, FTF's, loose bullets into the casings, etc. I have heard and witnessed many...
  9. BooVuc

    Permitted Carry holder engages active shooter.. then killed by police

    It would be an instant conclusion for a LEO arriving on-scene. Seeing an officer and another "victim" on the ground and a person holding an AR by the bodies and no radio update from the scene the arriving officers are already out gunned by the AR so the biggest mistake was the good Samaritan...
  10. BooVuc

    Apex Hellcat trigger catching

    Either the grips are not sized right to your hand or you're not using the finger tip to squeeze the trigger straight back. I noticed that if I let a magazine dump go and lose my solid grip, it changes the trigger pull of my finger in an angle and that is where your "sticking" is coming from. If...
  11. BooVuc

    Why I Was Wrong About Red Dots…

    In the larger pic posted prior, this is where I keep the dot, (and POI), on my Hellcat using the Romeo Zero. It has been on my gun for one year now and I have no reasons to give it up. And my SwampFox is still in the box, unopened in a drawer. The RZ has held up to every single day carry, every...
  12. BooVuc

    Hellcat ADE Spike

    Do NOT order from "OpticsPlanet". Absolutely notorious for stating items are in stock when they know full well they do not have them. Horrible shipping times. Terrible communications. Don't get sucked in.
  13. BooVuc

    HELLCAT EDC reliability

    I appreciate the link! Good to see after market parts for them.
  14. BooVuc

    Prvi Partizan

    I have shot their pistol ammo before and their 6.5 Grendel loads are actually very accurate. Plus the brass is great for reloading.
  15. BooVuc

    HELP - Looking For Holster (Hellcat OSP, Laser/Light)

    If you are in a gun friendly state and the proprietors of the show and the building management aren't overly sensitive, go to a gun show that has kydex holster makers present. I have had several made for different guns over the years from a couple different and very good guys at shows in PA who...
  16. BooVuc

    HELLCAT EDC reliability

    Also interested in the stronger striker the original poster presented. Where did you order the new part from?
  17. BooVuc

    Red Dots on Carry Guns: Dumb Idea?

    My Hellcat was the first carry piece I put a RedDot on. Like was stated earlier in this thread, it took some training to consistantly bring the gun up and aquire the reddot in the seconds I bring the gun up and foward to the target. Now, I can shoot this gun with ease and at distance and have...
  18. BooVuc

    Your go or most used powder?

    Titegroup for pistol / Varget for Rifle.
  19. BooVuc

    Trijicon RMRcc Review: Best Non-OSP Red Dot Sight?

    For conceal carry, this option just doesn't look like it would be a good fit. It protrudes way too far off the top of the slide. I think it would increase the printing of the pistol when wearing lighter clothing. Aesthetics wise, it looks out-of-place on the slide. Too tall without a recess. Too...
  20. BooVuc

    I've become complacent....

    As others stated, it happens. Of what you mentioned, the most glaring, besides walking into work with it on you, is leaving it in the open or for that matter, unattended not under your control in your home. This is what leads to problems and many end up tragic where kids and grand kids are...