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  1. shanneba

    big gun coming soon to mom/pop store.....

    This would be interesting- and ONLY MSRP: $1569.00 https://www.americanrifleman.org/content/the-500-s-w-magnum-most-powerful-handgun-round-in-the-world/ $69.99 / 20 ($3.50 / round)
  2. shanneba

    Schwarzlose Model 1908 Blow Forward Pistol

    Schwarzlose Model 1908 Blow Forward Pistol Andreas Schwarzlose was a respected and experienced firearms engineer, most famous for his machine guns which served his country, Germany, so well during the Great War. Very few pistols were ever made with a blow-forward action, the Schwarzlose is one...
  3. shanneba

    Suspect shot by CPL holder during robbery

    " Police found Fordham on the ground with a handgun nearby. It appeared to have malfunctioned, police said. Surveillance video confirmed what the victims told police. Fordham, who is a felon with previous convictions for armed robbery and firearms violations, is now charged with felon in...
  4. shanneba

    Here's a Great Deal - No Comments

    Happy St. Patrick's day! 15% off at Wilson Combat Today only- Use Code: LUCKY15
  5. shanneba

    Bank shutdown

    I read one article this morning that said Wall street investors that were shorting the bank stocks have made about $3 billion so far. That wouldn't be most investors though.
  6. shanneba

    Bank shutdown

    Could it spread internationally? "Credit Suisse on Tuesday published its annual report for 2022 saying the bank had identified "material weaknesses" in controls over financial reporting and not yet stemmed customer outflows."...
  7. shanneba

    Bank shutdown

    "Moody’s warned it could issue similar downgrade for First Republic Bank, Zions, Western Alliance, Comerica, UMB Financial and Intrust Financial." https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/finance/moodys-puts-six-us-banks-watchlist-potential-downgrade
  8. shanneba

    S&W Tennessee Headquarters Timelapse (One Year Update)

    See S&W's new Tennessee headquarters construction over the last 12 months.
  9. shanneba

    Biden to issue order to strengthen gun background checks 3/14/2023

    "President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday aiming to increase the number of background checks to buy guns, promote better and more secure firearms storage and ensure U.S. law enforcement agencies are getting the most out of a bipartisan gun control law enacted last...
  10. shanneba

    Bank shutdown

    If you had picked 3 of the banks whose stock was way down yesterday, KEY, WAL and FRC, and bought their stock, you would be ahead about 30% so far today.
  11. shanneba

    10mm Auto Ammunition-10 Things You Should Know

    I had my Delta Elite way before the reduced 10mm rounds came out. A 10mm 200 gr bullet at about 1200 fps is pretty close to the 41 Mag 210 gr at 1230 fps. :)
  12. shanneba

    10mm Auto Ammunition-10 Things You Should Know

    Sometimes I miss Colt Delta Elite, reminded me of a 41 magnum pistol :)
  13. shanneba

    reloading questions/advice if you would please?

    I copied the "Lee breech lock wrench, from Etsy.com" from Old_Me's post and searched Yahoo for that phrase. (without the quote marks) Results had two results from etsy.com, one with aluminum in it, plus a bunch from other sites.
  14. shanneba

    reloading questions/advice if you would please?

    Might be this one- only black left in stock- https://www.etsy.com/listing/1413929964/aluminum-lee-breech-lock-wrench
  15. shanneba

    Bank shutdown

    Another one bites the dust! PUBLISHED SUN, MAR 12 20236:24 PM EDT U.S. regulators on Sunday shut down New York-based Signature Bank in a bid to prevent the spreading banking crisis. “We are also announcing a similar systemic risk exception for Signature Bank, New York, New York, which was...
  16. shanneba

    NRA Convention Indianapolis, Indiana April 14-16 (Benefactor Member)

    I am planning on attending. For anyone considering attending: Other things to see in Indy Indiana has a rich history of war memorials. Indianapolis alone hosts more war memorials that any other city in the United States except Washington, D C. Indiana War Memorial – Indiana War Memorials...
  17. shanneba

    Bank shutdown

    Reminds me of 2008, I hope not that bad. In 2008 25 banks failed, 5 were in California.
  18. shanneba

    Throwback Thursday: A History of the .38 Special

    Yes 38 special wadcutter only.
  19. shanneba

    Throwback Thursday: A History of the .38 Special

    The last 38 Special I had was a S&W model 52-2, it was a great gun to shoot. Much more accurate than the S&W Model 37 2" I had :) I may have to get another or maybe a 1911 in 38 Special!
  20. shanneba

    Maintaining Revolver Accuracy (December 1952)

    Those were the days!! (even I do not remember that far back :) ) https://www.ssusa.org/content/a-page-from-history-maintaining-revolver-accuracy/