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  1. BreakingWind

    Robert Blake Dies At 89

    First time I ever saw him was "In Cold Blood" and thought he was damn fine actor. Seen pretty much everything he has been in with "Baretta" near the top of the list. I too believe he killed his wife and got away with it. When it came out I was dating a girl who had a cockatoo that was Fred's...
  2. BreakingWind

    Potent Potables (aka What’s your poison?)

    One of the best I've had lately isn't quite as exotic but was a great sipper. Crown Royal salted caramel.
  3. BreakingWind

    RE: all complaints go to Hellen wait

    What a about people who are full of poo poo?
  4. BreakingWind

    RE: all complaints go to Hellen wait

    Most of our IT issues were ID 10T operator errors that were easily rectified. Our instructions to the customer went something like this: IT: Now press the on and off button Client: The screen went blank IT: Now walk away It didn't do much for productivity but our IT Staff could close 100s...
  5. BreakingWind

    See, not all bears are bad!

    She keeps doing that and she liable to shorten her own life...
  6. BreakingWind

    And the Darwin Award goes too...

    You can't fix stupid but you sure as hell can laugh at it...
  7. BreakingWind

    How To Shoot With Both Eyes Open

    If you didn't you would be doing it wrong. Go to the range and shoot in the middle between them and you will be pretty close, see where your hitting and adjust accordingly.
  8. BreakingWind

    How To Shoot With Both Eyes Open

    I have done this for years. I was taught years ago by a shooting instructor that in an active shooter scenario, that once the body goes into fight or flight and the adrenaline starts pumping you can't close just one eye. Thus, he advocated practicing with both eyes open.
  9. BreakingWind

    Prepping for a Pin Shoot

    We did this once on my brother-in-laws property. We weren't timed and were using a new .50 Desert Eagle he had just purchased. Your right, they are devilishly hard to hit...
  10. BreakingWind

    March 5, 1770, the Boston massacre

    Don't know as they would want it. They definately differentiate between us and them. When I first lived in England I decided to go hang out with the locals and assimilate to the culture so went to the most logical place - the local pub. There I was talking with a few of the locals and they...
  11. BreakingWind

    Should I Own Different Handguns for Concealed Carry and Home Defense?

    My EDCs do double duty. Have wondered how the conversation of a home protection plan for gun hating liberals would go. "If someone breaks into our home the plan is for my wife to call the police while I cower under the blankets until they leave"
  12. BreakingWind

    The Secret to Concealing Any Gun…

    I don't dare ask where she carries her speed loaders and extra ammo...
  13. BreakingWind

    Permitless Carriers Can be Arrested for Driving Past a School While Carrying a Firearm

    Thanx, I did as you suggested and am now no longer able to legally visit any Village Inn restaurants...
  14. BreakingWind

    Curious...How many of you "Double up" regularly?

    Seldom, but that just me...
  15. BreakingWind

    The Secret to Concealing Any Gun…

    I always carry AIWB with a tee shirt under and an overshirt over my weapon. My sister was visiting and I came out of the bathroom without my overshirt, without thinking, and my 9mm clearly visible sticking out of my waistband She is neutral neither for or against but was surprised. She asked...
  16. BreakingWind

    Danged Medicare B.S. nonsense.

    I have a niece that graduated college a few years ago and landed a position with a big pharma company. To gauge her knowledge of big pharma practices I asked her how come we pay so much more for the same drugs that go for pennies on the dollar to other countries. She said we pay X5 - X10 cost...
  17. BreakingWind

    Another legend lost. Raquel Welch Dead At 82

    I liked her better in a more dramatic role "Mother Juggs and Speed". Seriously though, she was always a classy lady and entertained us all through the years. RIP Raquel.
  18. BreakingWind

    Special Edition Burnt Bronze Hellcat Pro

  19. BreakingWind

    Danged Medicare B.S. nonsense.

    That is sage advice. I have Tricare for life that pays my meds but I know of what you speak. My sister is married to a man that is 16 yrs her senior and she is caught in the donut hole. He worked construction with full benefits all his life and she has managed a local home town bar for the...
  20. BreakingWind

    Biden and semi autos

    Well you know he is only trying to save us from a horrible fate, as most semi-auto handguns are 9mm and as a gun guy you surely know that a 9mm blows the lung right out of the body.