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  1. SaltyMonkey

    Saint Victor .308 Firing Issue

    Send it to Springfield. I am Just curious. Does it have dual or single ejectors on the bolt carrier group? I am Not saying that this will solve your problem but something to consider.
  2. SaltyMonkey

    Pet Peeves

    I never knew it was an actual condition and chalked most of what annoys me to the fact that people in general annoy me. Lol 😎 My father in law could make smacking noises chewing on jawbreakers. Hard to believe I can actually hear him over the mother in laws constant yammering.
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    Pet Peeves

    •Smacking while eating. •When someone prefaces a statement or sentence with, “ To be honest with you…” I’m thinking, “Yeah, that’s the kind of the basic expectation.”
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    Bank shutdown

    No surprise here…. California Governor fails to disclose close ties while seeking bailout.
  5. SaltyMonkey

    Daffy Zone…..

    Good grief the modders suck the fun right out of here. Post removed because it was a “political meme” Snowflakes ❄️
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    Biden to issue order to strengthen gun background checks 3/14/2023

    I don’t see many “details” there. The devils is always in the details. I’m curious how and if any this affects private sellers.
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    10mm Auto Ammunition-10 Things You Should Know

    Muzzle energy is the number that you need to look at (ft/lbs).
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    Do as I am; save your cash a little longer and get a Wilson Combat. If you dead set on a prodigy then wait it out.
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    Watch perfection?

    Beautiful watch! Go Canes! 😎
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    AR 10 7.62x51(308) question.

    Thanks fellas.
  11. SaltyMonkey

    AR 10 7.62x51(308) question.

    I’m looking at the Daniel Defense DD5 V3. Their website states that it’s 7.62x51 (308). I have read where there is a slight difference in the cartridges and that you should not feed an exclusive 7.62x51 with .308 due the difference in brass thickness and pressures. Is this accurate and can I...
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    Not Expected However Really Not Disappointed

    I have never heard that one but yeah that sucks. That’s pretty crappy way to do business.
  13. SaltyMonkey

    One for @killerford1977

    Band saw. Boom,Glock 19 slide on 26 frame. Millions sold. 😎
  14. SaltyMonkey

    Pet Peeves

  15. SaltyMonkey

    In search of the littlest gun pocket/ankle 380/9 or equiv for wheelie shooties ;)

    I have not had issues, knock on wood , yet. Granted, we don’t shoot it anywhere near what we put through other handguns. I have read about cracked frames but from my understanding that may be due to hotter ammo. The 22 lr Bobcat we have has been a finicky jam machine.
  16. SaltyMonkey

    In search of the littlest gun pocket/ankle 380/9 or equiv for wheelie shooties ;)

    There is a75 dollar rebate on them now. Nice little mouse gun.,
  17. SaltyMonkey

    Bug Out Ready? Get Your Kit Together

    Cash. Keep as much as you can afford in small bills ( 5,10, and 20’s).
  18. SaltyMonkey

    Parenting like this makes me weep for the future of this country.

    Learned behavior. My wife teaches middle school and the stuff I hear on a daily basis.
  19. SaltyMonkey

    Magpul MBUS

    I have noticed that in some places as well. Not sure why. I have Gen 2 and Gen 3 and prefer the Gen 2. The Gen 3 does not have side lever activation .