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  1. Trebor657

    In search of the littlest gun pocket/ankle 380/9 or equiv for wheelie shooties ;)

    Size and weight comparison 911 vs Kahr CW380 https://www.handgunhero.com/compare/springfield-911-9mm-vs-kahr-cw380
  2. Trebor657

    In search of the littlest gun pocket/ankle 380/9 or equiv for wheelie shooties ;)

    Recoil on the CW is negligible...not that much more than a .22 Stinger and it is pretty easy to control due to ergonomics primarily....The trigger is a long pull, similar to a wheel gun and if trigger reset is a big deal for you, this isn't the one you want....the CW has a long reset but that...
  3. Trebor657

    In search of the littlest gun pocket/ankle 380/9 or equiv for wheelie shooties ;)

    I have both and the PM9 is definitely doable for pocket carry and the CW380 is a great pocket carry fit as well....I have chosen the CW380 for pocket carry...Here's a couple comparison pics....
  4. Trebor657

    In search of the littlest gun pocket/ankle 380/9 or equiv for wheelie shooties ;)

    Kahr CW380....smaller than the Sig P238, Bersa Thunder, LCP and LCPII and pretty much all the pocket guns...yes it a .380 but shot placement is more important than caliber....the CW 380 is a great shooter with minimal recoil and it very accurate and well made....worth a look
  5. Trebor657

    Friday range day ..

    Nice shooting....Friday Fun Day is always a good thing.....
  6. Trebor657

    Good day at the range today 3/3/23

    So within the last month or so I got a couple new weapons....A Kel Tec Sub 2000 folding 9mm carbine and a Kahr CW380....Had a chance to go to the range today with both.... First up is the Sub 2000...I purchased a red dot sight and got it early this week....I had shot the Sub 2K with the factory...
  7. Trebor657

    Hellcat front iron BUSTED!!

    maybe not the entire gun but at least the slide...
  8. Trebor657

    Curious...How many of you "Double up" regularly?

    About 8 times out of 10 when I go out, I "double up"...that is, I have my usual EDC on as well as a 2nd weapon (usually a .380 in front pocket) for a backup, close quarters "just in case" it becomes necessary....I have talked to several friends and only about 40% sometimes or regularly carry a...
  9. Trebor657


    The stock front sight rod is .060" (1.5mm) diameter.
  10. Trebor657

    Springfield firecat

  11. Trebor657

    This made me think about my training regiment

    Over the weekend I was reading a firearms publication and one of the articles was related to shot placement. Pretty sure that most shooters learn or are taught to place your shots on your target in the biggest mass which naturally is the chest area. There have been countless examples of someone...
  12. Trebor657

    Am I the only Revolver Guy left?

    Seen one of those Kimbers at the last gun show...it was fully engraved and was amazing but can't beat that Colt...one of these days...nice revolvers...
  13. Trebor657

    Over 250 Guns found in Oklahoma Dumpster

    I'm thinking the owner of this Oklahoma gun store may have a problem...Here is the story... https://www.yahoo.com/news/weapons-found-dumpster-outside-midwest-224619605.html
  14. Trebor657

    Funny One...

    A guy walks into a crowded bar, jumps up on the bar, pulls out a pistol, waves it above his head and says " This is a Colt 1911 .45 caliber pistol. I have 7 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber....I want to know who in here has been sleeping with my wife!!" After a few seconds, a voice...
  15. Trebor657

    Guns you sold

    Mini 14 Ranch...got into a financial situation years back and had to sell a few firearms. Still regret selling the Mini...one of these days I'll get it replaced hopefully...
  16. Trebor657

    Am I the only Revolver Guy left?

    Went to a local show and ended up talking to several others in attendance...The conversation naturally went to the "what's your EDC" talk....When I said my EDC is a Ruger SP101 revolver you would have thought I just confessed to a heinous crime....Strange looks and most folks asked why as their...
  17. Trebor657


    I Googled and looked at a couple of pictures of the revolver...It has the Taurus logo on left side...MSRP on Rossi web site is $460.99...here's a link with pics and specs.... https://rossiusa.com/?view=article&id=315&catid=60
  18. Trebor657


    Been looking for a decent .357 with 3" barrel...be anxious to get to see one in person and what the price point ends up being...never hurts to look :)
  19. Trebor657

    Leather or Kydex

    Another vote for leather...reinforced with Shield Plus...
  20. Trebor657

    Best concealed carry hostlers? Preferably the waist band

    I carry outside the waistband 90% of the time...I prefer a leather holster over Kydex etc. for both comfort and concealability...Kydex tends to protrude and make concealment more difficult at times.... I also prefer a slotted holster over the clip on ones...Last few years I have gotten Azula...