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    CZ 75 B Omega convertible 9mm

    Have one, probably 8 years now, great shooter, totally reliable, and a fun range pistol. Grab some more Mec-Gar mags and you're set for a fun day. My son gets it when I go, and HE will pass it down!
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    Makarov making life hard for Sig

    Hans, the 82 is a great piece, like history that goes bang. The Makarovs I own are fun to carry from time to time, surprisingly accurate, and 100% reliable to date. Have 5, wish I had more!
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    New developments in ammo?

    I use hst for carry ammo but wondered if there have been any new developments in ammo technology in last 5 or so years?? Especially 9mm SD ammo.
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    History of the East German Makarov

    My Bulgarian is nice but the Bulgarian Sneak ( a Russian military brought in through Bulgaria) is otherworldly, better even than my East German. All fun pieces!
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    From 9mm to 45?

    New member here guys, so apologies if this has already been covered. I wonder IF the new administration restricts magazine capacity to 10 rounds, do members think they change calibers from 9mm to .45 acp or .40? Or if certain bullet types (i.e. expanding bullets) are restricted. Thanks guys...