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    SA-35 Review: Dissecting Springfield’s New Pistol

    I talked to my LGS a few weeks ago and they said that Springfield (they are factory direct) is saying 6-7 MONTHS before my LGS sees any of the 600 (yes, that is correct) that they have on order. Unfortunately, my LGS is also not taking names so when they do come in, it will be a mad house...
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    Are silencers worth the money?

    Last I heard, he was working on it. Not sure how long or if ever that will go thru. He is a big supporter of guns. He is one of the biggest reasons that Ohio got to be a CCW state. He really pushed hard on that when he was the AG.
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    Did you purchase a firearm last year?

    I was able to get 5 guns in 2019. The wife talked me into 2 of those... she is great. Two Springfields, a Henry, a Kimber, and a Ruger
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    Win a Hellcat Pistol!

    I would love one!