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    You should check out dragonmans in Colorado Springs. Not a club, but he's got one of the best military museums in the country. He also has gun ranges a gun store and more. He even does a yearly machine gun shoot! https://dragonmans.com/
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    Democrats Push National Safe Storage Bill in U.S. Congress

    They're expecting your neighbors to report you!
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    Should I buy anyway?

    Keep an eye out at your local sporting goods store, ammo comes and goes and will probably be cheaper locally these days.
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    Keefe Report: On The Front Lines of the Ammo Shortage

    I just got an email from Jon at master gun works, he does custom 1911 work and was making quality defense ammunition. He said due to current situation he will no longer be manufacturing and selling ammunition. When I clicked on the further information I got this 404 doesn't exist! It's happening...
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    It's ridiculous, I'm pretty much done with Facebook as most of my groups are gun related. For the last 2 days I've seen almost zero from them and the same non gun related posts over and over and over! Welcome to 1984, just took them a little longer.
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    .45 ACP Ammo Question - FMJ vs JHP

    Another great piece of advice I got was to lube, then rack the slide 2-3 hundred times before I even fired the first round. My range officer has been flawless so far.
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    .45 ACP Ammo Question - FMJ vs JHP

    After first shooting 500 rounds of 230 grain round nose fmj I've shot 130 of these without a single failure in my range officer target.
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    National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Petition

    Thanks for sharing, I definitely signed. Since my Wisconsin license isn't good in either Minnesota or Illinois while we accept theirs it's very needed in these parts.
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    Today I tried the focus totally on the target method and worked on keeping both eyes open. I have to admit that I did really great from 10 and 20 yards. It was like I couldn't miss! I was shooting my Taurus pt92 beretta clone today. I'll definitely keep working on these drills.
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    Great little vid, I always want to shoot gooder!
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    I really like the fact that this is an American made pistol made of American components by vetrans. If I didn't already really like my Walther pps m2, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing.
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    Very interesting 1911 article

    Great to know, I'm really interested in their double stack in 10 or 40. 16+1 of 10mm in a 1911 platform seems pretty awesome.
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    The Five Worst Guns Ever Owned

    The only real junker I've owned is the Jennings 9. There's a saying "I have a Jennings and I'm not afraid to throw it at you"!
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    Very interesting 1911 article

    I've been wanting a shorter barreled 1911, but I've been concerned with the loss of accuracy. This article compares a highly customized 5" colt to a 3.5" RIA. The short barreled cheaper pistol really held its own...
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    9mm ammunition available for over three days!

    It's in and out locally, but I'm only paying 15 for 50 federal range and 17 for 50 federal syntech 150 grain. 30 is sad and ridiculous.
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    Hellcat vs XD-S models?

    Not really necessary, but reassuring, and I do like them on 1911s. This is like mine, only this is an xdm compact and I have an earlier xd subcompact. Mine is the 9&13 round mags too. It's actually very comfortable shooting 45 acp...
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    Hellcat vs XD-S models?

    you absolutely need to hold them and see which fits you. I tried a hellcat ant it was so small and just felt wrong. I have a walther pps m2 that's about as small, that I love the way it feels, even with the small mag. I really like the way my xd subcompact fits my hand. Good luck finding...
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    Biden aide says he will use Executive Action on firearms shortly after entering office.

    So, while the sheep are waiting on their 9 months+ federal background check for their class III permit, which will give them the privilege of owning and paying a $200 tax on a rifle they already owned what are they to do with the evil, class III AR 15s they have in their safe? Without a class...
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    Turkey brine recipe- Part 1 2 3 &4 merged

    Absolutely, my pellet grill/smoker has 2 probes and I'll check with meat thermometer when it's close.
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    Turkey brine recipe- Part 1 2 3 &4 merged

    I got this from my pellet smoker group, I use a smoke tube for extra smoke for the first couple hours.