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    Daffy Zone…..

    I saw a movie with things from outer space who's knees bent backwards like that . Maybe they didn't get rid of all of them. :unsure:
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    Why I don't believe there ever was a COVID virus...

    I do believe Covid was real but I did not wear a mask except for Dr offices and hospital visits. I am diabetic , way over weight , have COPD stage 3 sever , and am on oxygen. I caught covid early into the pandemic . I had Flu symptoms doubled , most sever headache I have ever had for 6 days...
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    Restraining Device

    My thoughts alone on this ..... if I have to shoot anyone in self defense , of myself or certain others , I do not see myself ever getting close to that person for any reason. 911 will be dialed and then wait for those who know how to perform any deeds needed as I stay vigilant watching the...
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    .45 ACP Delivery systems, Old and New.

    I tried real hard to like the Glock model 26 when I knew my first carry license was coming from PA. I went to my local gun store 3 different days just to handle the 26. I just didn't get along with the grip angle so I passed.
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    NRA Convention Indianapolis, Indiana April 14-16 (Benefactor Member)

    I would love to attend but due to health reasons I can not go. I hope everyone who does get to go has a wonderful time.
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    Just Keeps Getting Worse

    discharged his weapon, <---- certainly seems to me to indicate the officer pulled the trigger.
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    Just Keeps Getting Worse

    A training officer who didn't keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction and didn't keep his finger off of the trigger . :unsure: I could be wrong but it seems to me that this officer shouldn't be a training officer .
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    A Day at the Range with Bevis and Butt-head!

    No it wasn't empty. That 50 BMG round punched a hole through both sides which allowed it to vent very quickly. the heat from that round punching through the tank , combined with the oxygen escaping from the tank , set the insides of that fridge on fire.
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    A Day at the Range with Bevis and Butt-head!

    Smoking while on oxygen doesn't cause it to explode. Oxygen is an accelerant . The tank explodes due to the pressure inside the tank when shot. If your clothing should become saturated with the extra oxygen , there is a danger of the clothing burning at a much faster rate then if said...
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    Pet Peeves

    I have been told many times that when I go out of this World , I will go out joking around. I guess it is true because when they got me into a hospital room and the nurse started to take my blood pressure , she couldn't get a reading on the roll around electronic cuff machine and had to get a...
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    Throwback Thursday: A History of the .38 Special

    When I bought my first .357 Mag in a Ruger Security-Six , I put 1 - 2 boxes of .38 plus a half box of .357 through it each night . I had a neighbor named Bob who worked with my brother-in-law. My B-I-L told me one day that Bob had told him , " Don't be surprised if your father-in-law's place...
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    Pet Peeves

    Having been given a drug for my diabetes a few years back that almost killed me , I know full well about side effects. The Dr told me I had about 4 hours of life left when they started I V s in both arms. 😳
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    RE: all complaints go to Hellen wait

    Did someone watch Red Skelton to much as a kid??? :unsure: 😂
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    MY WORK Flow

    Nice setup you have.
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    In search of the littlest gun pocket/ankle 380/9 or equiv for wheelie shooties ;)

    I have an LCP II and love it. However I don't have large hands. More on medium size. If going with a Ruger I would probably go with the LCP max. I have both a model 36 J frame and a 642 performance center J frame. If you want a .38 revolver , you can't go wrong with a S&W J frame.
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    Sounds like some great reading material . (y)
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    Say what?

    I wonder how many of these " unarmed service providers " will have to be killed before they decide this isn't a good idea? Calls such as these can turn deadly in a heart beat. Sad to think there are people who think this is the answer.
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    Illinois Judge Rules against state

    Yes it is disgusting but even worse is the fact that he is thinking about running for POTUS.
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    Illinois Judge Rules against state

    Here is a bit of interesting reading about how corrupt Illinois is and a look at how things MIGHT turn out for us on this single ruling. Also remember this wasn't a ruling on the 2A grounds but on how the bills become law...
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    New to all of this... Just want to say "hi"!

    Welcome from Southern Illinois. Never be afraid to ask questions. We all had to start somewhere and we all had to ask others about things we didn't know.