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    Ballcaps: Your go-to everyday wear

    go blue!
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    Guy Relford - the gun guy

    He is live on 93.1 wibc and you can search his name in the podcast app.
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    Early Alert Systems (Puppy Love)

    Battle Cat.
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    Guy Relford - the gun guy

    I was enjoying Guy’s podcast while doing some chores around the house and wanted to pass his name along to this community. We are lucky as Hoosiers to have him representing us and our 2A rights! It’s one of my favorite podcasts - give him a try! Solid national conversation and if you’re...
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    Five Easy Home Remedies

    2 part whiskey, one part apple cider vinegar - chase with orange juice. Cold destroyed.
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    Where do you sit?

    I go out to dinner as a family of six. We don’t eat out often but I try and be as close to the bathroom as a six top can get. Robbery, bar fight, or whatever may come - I like my odds best getting all my little ones into the bathroom and having a decent position to defend. Also, we usually...
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    If You Could Only Have One Gun

    Mossberg 590a1. Does it all and can ride along in the truck too...
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    SHTF Scenario Definition

    Community is going to be required for long term survival. I have a group of men that all live within walking distance of our rally point. We break out the bourbon and strategize on a regular basis.
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    Home Defense Kit: Gear You Need

    Also don’t forget the German Shepard who sleeps at the top of the stairs! That’s a great deterrent, early alert, and tactical advantage.
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    The 21-Foot rule

    I love carrying a good knife! I prefer to have both options on me whenever possible. I also like that if something strikes me as a little off I can have my hand on my knife ready to respond in a second and it is far less aggressive than hand on holster.
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    Best home defense - home?

    I was banking on most likely time for a break in would be at night when everyone would be home and in bed. hopefully we are long gone in the gun truck if people are setting houses on fire! Outside of the refurbished underground silo (which the boss would love to decorate) - what features if...
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    Best home defense - home?

    Outside of neighborhood/acreage tactical advantages... I would like to get everyone’s thoughts on best style of home to defend. My house must-have was 2 stories with all beds upstairs. In my mind everyone important to me would be up and a stairwell to defend seemed ideal. Anyone else have...
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    What Kind of Plate Carrier Rig Do You Run?

    Ar500 level 3 plates in a basic carrier: Hopefully enough to get me and mine to the gun truck. Now there is an accessory that isn’t talked about enough!
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    Wrong Gun for Home Defense?

    Nothing clears a stairwell quite like a door breacher - mossberg chainsaw with a few mods is my quick response and “get me to the other guns” gun.
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    What knives do you daily carry?

    Benchmade bugout. It drives me crazy though, it’s so light it feels like it’s not with me. (Pocket carry). It took awhile to get used to after the weight of a barrage for a few years. Gerber strongarm with my GO supplies.
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    Wish List

    And in .45 please!
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    Wish List

    I would love a Mossy 590a1 finished out like the border patrol (Wilson Combat modified 870)!!!