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    Daffy Zone…..

    Hayes Ill bet you remember Art Linkletter. Kids say the darndest things.
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    .45 ACP Delivery systems, Old and New.

    I beg to differ on a Glock not jamming. I have seen a lot of limp wristed shooters stove pipe them.
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    Daffy Zone…..

    Years ago my best friends mother worked for the state. There was a poster outside of her office that was a take on the Dick and Jane readers from the 60s about drinking and driving. It went See Dick drink. See Dick drive. See Dick Die. Don't be a Dick. I still think its funny. If you guys dont...
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    Pet Peeves

    And all of the side effects include death. Didnt and still dont hear any side effects of the covid vaccine.
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    Pet Peeves

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    Robert Blake Dies At 89

    Thank you sir! Now Im going to have to find it on cable and watch it.
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    Throwback Thursday: A History of the .38 Special

    I love the 38 Special. I still have the Colt Diamondback I first started shooting when I was 10. Only downside to the Diamondback is it led to a lifelong addiction to Colt Pythons.
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    Robert Blake Dies At 89

    I remember going to the theater to see ELECTRAGLIDE IN BLUE. My two favorite parts is early morning when he is curling the dumbbell and drinks half a dozen raw eggs and his partners Colt Python with the nickel cylinder and barrel. And yes he was quite a character, too bad he screwed it all up...
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    No fear

    I love that sound. I remember when I was about 8 and watching the Indy 500 with my father and I asked my dad why the cars sounded the way they did. He said if I was turning 10,000 RPM I would be screaming too.
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    How convenient. 2 tier system at work.

    Yup, and that is one of the main reasons lawyers have the reputation they do.
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    Single Action Army

    Absolutely beautiful. The grips really help set of the classic look.
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    One for @killerford1977

    Ok, this makes me laugh every time I see it. It just doesnt get old. And I would be willing to bet the dog didnt either.
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    Alamo Day, March 6th, 2023

    My son ran in the Run The Alamo Marathon yesterday. I have thought for years the Texas Tourism Bureau had the best ever ad that said "TEXAS, its like a whole nother country".
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    Early Spring…..

    Thank you for not posting the picture of him walking away.
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    Do You Think the 1911 Is the Worst Gun for Cops?

    I love my Browning Hi Power Practical. Not only do I love the two tone appearance it has long been regarded as one of the all time greats. But I smile every time I carry my Hellcat because it holds as many rounds as the first double stack.
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    My twins turn 50

    Wasnt exactly the twins I was expecting to see but pretty neat. My Twins are USAFA Grads and are both going to be LtColonel this year.
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    Parenting like this makes me weep for the future of this country.

    Obviously mom thought what was on her phone was most important. And I hope there arent really twins in the twin stroller. The home owner should file theft charges against the mother. But in this day and time lots of luck. And I hope the home owner learns to display The Flag of The United States...
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    Cleaning Your BCG: Keep Your AR Running

    Interesting and informative article. Thanks Mike for posting.
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    I Have A Big Decision To Make

    Try using a Limbsaver recoil pad and possibly a shoulder pad as well.