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    32 million background checks in 2020 and counting ..

    32 million? WOW, I was working on a rifle for an older gentleman and he mentioned 30 million, and then made this statement: more guns have been sold in the United States this year than the United States government had produced for World War Two. Are there Any of you history buffs that are good...
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    Interesting News

    Let us use the phrase: systemic vote fraud. There are now thousands of affidavits and a court must look at them as fact. Georgia is moving toward a hand recount, look at that as the first domino, next a judge will rule on evidence and after that others will follow. Then the fraud planners will...
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    Your feelings on cast frames on 1911’s

    I may have a couple. Does anyone have a cast frame that has failed or even cracked? And if so I may be trading off a couple. I know I have a rock island. But I also have polymer uppers and lowers on some ARs. When they came out I thought it was a stupid idea! Until one of my officers said. sir...
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    (Scenario) Broke down.

    Sort of like trying to swim to shore from your broken down boat. 75 miles could be a three day walk. How much food do you have? Footwear? Extra socks? Temperature at night? Raining? How far or high do you temporarily go to get reception? And then return to the truck.
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    Left mine basic

    AMT Hardballer, Longslide. It’s a response to post 12 above by annihilator. It’s fun to lob in full metal jacket bullets on gallon cans at 100 yards.
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    Left mine basic

    Wish I had the laser unit.
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    Show off your Every Day Carry!

    A smith and Wesson scandium .45 commander style with sfs system. I Always carry a spare magazine, I always carry two knives, a spyderco for work, a karambit for two legged snakes.
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    Favorite .22lr handgun

    A smith and Wesson model 41 in .22 LR. I waited nine months to get it from the factory and it arrived just in time for the indoor winter leagues. It was such a consistent pistol that the other competitors hated to see me show up. I told my dad to stay close behind me when we come through the...
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    Left mine basic

    They call it RETRO. Lately I built a couple of AR-15s for people using old parts, by old parts I mean carry handle uppers, triangle front sights and two piece plastic grips. All parts leftover from builds and upgrades and pulled out of the old parts box. So at the next gun show I’m stocking up...
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    Photos of guns used in movies.

    The movie was Terminator, one of the guns used in the movie was an AMT Longslide .45 in stainless steel, this pistol was ahead of its time with its extended slide release and extended safety, beaver tail grip safety and slotted adjustable trigger and longer magazine button. I think what Arnold...
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    Left mine basic

    Annihilator, that was funny! I have an AMT Longslide in one of the safes. We should start a “movie guns that you own“ thread. Probably should go find it and take a photo.
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    Let's see those pro 2A memes.

    The book of the Koran has a misleading spelling error, it’s not 72 virgins, it’s 72 Virginians!
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    Carry Conditions

    An ambidextrous magazine release on a 1911. I had never thought of that, and no one has ever asked me for one. Got any links for me? I am left handed but carry right due to right eye dominance. Great idea!
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    Carry Conditions

    My daily carry, a smith and Wesson scandium with a safe fast system I installed, carried condition one except with the hammer down, when you sweep off the safety the hammer cocks itself, the senior master Sgt. And I like the same stuff.
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    Photos of projects your working on.

    So I was watching YouTube and there was a guy on there that was building an 80 percent with hand tools. So I ordered the parts. Watched a few more videos and read the directions. For those that haven’t built one yet, let me tell you, I took this 80 percent frame to a working really nice pistol...
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    Photos of projects your working on.

    What projects are you working on? This 30-06 bolt gun is being brought back from black spray paint on the barrel and action, the premium quilted and tiger striped wood stock that is in the weatherby style was dipped in a black plastic covering. I think the idea was to protect it from a wet...
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    In the beginning!

    My first rifle was a lever action Winchester in 30-30 it was needed for hunting and my father gave it to me for my seventh birthday. There were many guns around the house, during the winter I ran a trap line on snowshoes and the pistol I carried was my fathers colt woodsman to shoot animals...
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    Pets, do you have any........

    We have a Feist it’s a mountain dog used for hunting. He is very fast and can catch squirrels whenever he wants but he mostly chases them for fun and exercise, he rarely barks, lots of energy and very alert and inquisitive. If he does not know you he will place himself between you and his family...
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    What knives do you daily carry?

    I wanted the same information. Thank you!
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    Virginia update

    My father, a pastor, instilled in all his children to stand for what is right and do right, always! His reasoning was if you hold strong to moral convictions and let others know you do, the people out to cheat and deceive others will flee from you!!! Sorta saves a lot of problems. My point is...