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    New developments in ammo?

    Underwood 90 grain Extreme defender +P is a great defense round, no hoo-doo about it! Never have to worry about opening up going through thick winter clothes. Especially in micro 9's...My 2 cents...
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    Holster recommendations.

    I use Concealment Express IWB with a claw attachment with my Hellcat. Love it...Great prices as well as fast shipping, lifetime warranty also..
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    Best Hellcat Ammo?

    They test them through denim, sheet metal and ribs before they get through the gel, no problem, even a car door. Good enough for me. Sometimes hollow points don't open up, no worry about that with Underwood.
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    Best Hellcat Ammo?

    For defense, mine loves Underwood extreme defender...... Check out the gel tests. They don't overpenetrate like hard cast, and they create a larger wound track than a hollowpoint. I got them on sale, 20 for 20 bucks! Buck apeice, less than HST, etc. Small price to pay for your life....
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    Recommendation for EDC belt?

    No problem with mine. It's not just held on by screws. It also has a beefy "claw" to hold it as well. 2 things to hold it together works great. Totally secure!